Big Thunder Trail Reopens at Disneyland

Today, the passage connecting Fantasyland to Frontierland in Disneyland, better known as Big Thunder Trail, reopened after more than a year away. Actually, the path was available for a brief time when holiday crowds packed the park, albeit not nearly in a finished state. Since the trail’s closure, a few major changes have occurred, including the removal of Big Thunder Ranch. Additionally, you’ll notice some new rock work that’s been installed. That said, there are still a few familiar sights:

As you can see, there is still some visable construction as the resort prepares for the opening of the Star Wars-themed land in 2019.

Later this summer, the Rivers of America and Tom’s Sawyer’s Island will also reopen, but for now, you can just get a glimpse at them.

As a reminder, this is what concept art tells us this area will look like once everything is done:

One attraction that is now open is the wildest ride in the wildness: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Not much has changed with this classic ride except that a kiosk for the upcoming MaxPass has been installed.