Apparently Robin is more a Looney Tunes kind of guy.

While Disney owns Marvel, you would expect the citizens of the DC Universe to also be Disney fans. After all, shouldn't everyone be a Disney fan? Apparently that is not the case.

In today's issue of Teen Titans, which kicks off the Blood of the Manta storyline, Robin admits he isn't familiar with the Disney classics. In issue #9 of the current series, Aqualad is trying to describe an emotional crutch to Robin. He tries to use Dumbo's magic feather as an example.

To this Robin replies, "I don't speak Disney."

Of course this explains Robin's brooding personality and constant grimace. Apparently Bruce Wayne doesn't have the time to share the essential Disney films with his "ward." Let's just hope that he takes this as a wake-up call and decides to get himself a little culture.