TV Review: Freeform’s “The Bold Type”

It looks like Freeform is looking to branch out beyond their teen and tween offerings. The Bold Type the channel’s newest summer series. I’ve seen three episodes now, and I’ve enjoyed them. If you hear a big “but” at the end of that sentence I promise, you aren’t imaging it.

The series is incredibly well written. The dialogue is sharp, the fashion is on trend, the actresses fill the standard cookie cutter young 20-somethings finding their way through New York. The three main characters all work at Scarlett Magazine — it’s sort of Devil Wears Prada meets Sex and the City, but Disney branded. I think that’s where the show misses the mark. Because this series is far too adult in nature for tweens, absolutely, and for teens, maybe. Like 10 p.m. FX adult in nature.

It seems while the series is about these three girls, the main character is really sex, lots and lots of it. Jane’s article topics, given to her by a far-too-nice Editor in Chief, are all sex related. There is no shortage of stalking, making out in elevators, and Scarlet Magazine’s homage to “the closet” at Vogue, where the girls can hang out and talk about all their daily drama amongst the Louboutins, the Gucci and Prada. They even toss in the random Fifty Shades reference. For three girls with busy starter jobs, they tend to spend a lot of time in that closet drinking wine and nattering about.

While the acting and production values are strong I don’t see this one lasting long, I think that being on Freeform will cause it to struggle to find an audience. I know that when my daughter was 15 this isn’t something I would have been ok with her watching.

The Bold Type airs Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. on Freeform.