Tonight, Floyd Mayweather defeated Conor McGregor by a 10th-round TKO in the so-called “money fight.”, Mayweather becomes the first boxer to reach 50 fights undefeated in what was a much-hyped fight. The folks at Marvel Studios were watching the fight, and shared their Thor: Ragnarok inspired thoughts.

Before the fight begins, they asked “Are you ready?”

But due to issues with the pay-per-view, the fight was delayed. But when the fight was ready to start, Marvel Studios was ready.

As the fight begins, McGregor performs better than expected making the boxing experts to become a bit nervous.

The match was much closer than expected and left viewers at the end of their seat.

The fight was filled with unbelievable for the first two-rounds, but then things begin to turn around.

Then Mayweather began his assault.

In the end, the champion remains the champ and he announces that tonight was his last fight.

Thor: Ragnarok will be released November 3, 2017. For those that want more boxing, ESPN just announced a new agreement with Top Rank which will bring more boxing to the worldwde leader in sports.



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