With Thor: Ragnarok just a few days from release, we thought we would share our top Thor: Ragnarok items that are available from shopDisney. Note that today, November 1, shopDisney has a special promotion. Save 25% with a purchase of $150 or more, or save 20% with a purchase of $75 or more with the code: STOCKUP. Also get free shipping for orders over $75 with the code: SHIPMAGIC.

Hulk Deluxe Slippers for Kids – Marvel Thor: Ragnarok

Your little hero will love these super cool, deluxe slippers featuring Hulk as he appears in Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok. With their snug fit and wild, faux-fur Hulk hair, these slippers will make bedtime a smashing success.

Marvel Thor: Ragnarok T-Shirt for Men

The battle for comfort begins and ends when you slip on this bold, dramatic tee made of soft slubbed jersey knit and sporting a thunderous Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok design.

Thor Ultimate Mjolnir Hammer – Thor: Ragnarok

Summon the power of Thor with this Ultimate Mjolnir Hammer that features voice and sound effects. Inspired by Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok, the hard foam head lets your little hero strike (in preapproved places, of course) and save the world!

Hulk Smash Fists by Hasbro – Thor: Ragnarok

Get ready for super smashing action with these Hulk Smash Fists. Featuring heroic sound effects inspired by Thor: Ragnarok, these giant green gloves really pack a punch at playtime.

Hela Tee for Women – Marvel Thor: Ragnarok

Hela is a goddess up to no good, and she’s looking quite sinister on this comfortable, fashionable tee. Now you can show your Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok style with this chic nod to other worldly villainy.


The Ultimate Battle for Asgard Playset by LEGO – Thor: Ragnarok

Team up with Thor in a Power Blast shootout against Hela. Inspired by the Marvel Avenger’s big screen adventure in Thor: Ragnarok, this is the ultimate battle. Can you defeat the enemy and make Asgard safe again?

Hulk Mask by Hasbro – Marvel Thor: Ragnarok

Your little hero can Hulk out with this deluxe mask featuring Marvel’s Incredible Avenger. Opening your mouth activates a chin lever than opens Hulk’s mouth and moves his eyebrows, too!

Thor Pop! Vinyl Bobble-Head Figure by Funko – Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok

The Asgardian God of Thunder is featured with an alternative to his usual mighty hammer Mjolnir in this Pop! Vinyl Bobble-Head Figure by Funko inspired by Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok.