Celebrate the Year of the Dog with These Disney Dogs Items

On Friday, February 16th, the Lunar New Year will officially begin. This New Year celebration observed in many parts of Asia follows the lunar calendar (moon phases), which differs from the Western calendar. Additionally, each year a rotating stable of 12 zodiac animals are used to represent the year. 2018 is the Year of the Dog and we couldn’t be more excited! Dogs are our loyal, lovable protectors, and it’s easy to see why they’re called man’s (and Mouse’s) best friend. We’ve gone through the Disney roster of characters to see how many Disney Dogs we could find to honor in the Year of the Dog and share some great gifts and items you can pick up this New Year. Enjoy!


Back in 2008, audiences were introduced to Bolt — a White German Shepherd who also happened to be a TV star. Bolt believed that his TV adventures and superpowers were real, but when an accident separated him from his owner Penny, he began to learn the truth about his life. Revisit Bolt with this Bluray/DVD combo pack, cuddle up with this adorable plush, or add to your pin collection with the Bolt and Penny pin set.


Percy is the adorable Pug of Governor Ratcliffe in 1995’s Pocahontas. Percy is spoiled and snobby at first, but has a change of heart and becomes friends with Pocahontas and her animal crew. Now you can bring Percy into your home! This 12″ plush proves his purebred pedigree and that he’s truly the “best in show.”


Max might not have had a big role in The Little Mermaid, but he’s Prince Eric’s dog and part of the family. Max is a super fluffy Old English Sheepdog. He’s loyal and knows that Ariel is the one who saved Eric after the shipwreck. Max also knows something is off about the girl Eric is about to marry. A soft, stackable Tsum Tusm, squeezable plush, or LEGO celebration set makes for a great addition to your Little Mermaid collection.


Cinderella’s pet dog Bruno is her trusty sidekick and tries to prevent the stepmother’s cat, Lucifer, from ruining Cinderella’s life. Bruno even serves as the driver of the pumpkin-turned-coach that takes Cinderella to The Ball. This Bloodhound will be your best friend too. The Tsum Tsum version is adorable or for those looking for a rare collectible, the 17″ stuffed animal is the way to go.

Chance and Shadow

When a family goes on vacation and doesn’t take their pets, confusion sets in for the two dogs and cat. Homeward Bound is Disney’s 1993 remake of The Incredible Journey and follows the adventures of Chance the wisecracking American Bulldog, Shadow the patient Golden Retriever, and Sassy the Himalayan cat. If you enjoyed these movies, then you’ll be happy to know there’s even a sequel set in San Francisco!


We all love Mickey’s best pal Pluto! Pluto has been a favorite of audiences since his debut in 1930. He’s had many adventures with Mickey Mouse and the gang and is part of the Fab Five of early Disney animation. Kids will love the Emoji Blitz tee shirt featuring the playful pup. Adults will enjoy adorable artwork or the 1,000 piece puzzle of Pluto and his best friend.

Puppy Dog Pals

Disney Junior welcomed these cute Pug puppies to the family in 2017. Bingo and Rolly are brothers who have all sorts of adventures around their house and neighborhood. You can teach your kids the importance of saving money with a bank they can paint, send them off to school with this smart backpack, or just let them love on Bingo and Rolly.

The Shaggy Dog

When an ancient spell changes teenager Wilby into a Sheepdog, things really get hairy! This is one of the first live-action films produced by Walt Disney Productions and stars Fred MacMurray and Annette Funicello. Years later the spell resurfaces in the follow-up story, The Shaggy D.A., starring Dean Jones as the grown-up Wilby. Now you can enjoy both movies in the double feature DVD set. If you’re looking for something a bit newer than the originals, you might enjoy the 2006 remake with Tim Allen and Kristin Davis.

101 Dalmatians

This charming tale begins when Pongo and Perdita meet and plan to get their owners together. They are successful and start a family of their own. When the 15 puppies are stolen for their fur, it’s a mad race to rescue them and another 84 Dalmatians! We’re not suggesting that you get bring home 101 dogs, but we think you might love these baby pajamas, this kid playset, or this comic book version of the story.


The Darling family sure did love their dog, Nana. She took good care of the children when their parents away, played with them and made sure they took their medicine. While she didn’t get to venture to Neverland, you can take her with you on your adventures with this plush replica. Just don’t leave her in charge of the kids.

Oliver and Company

While Oliver and Company is actually a story about a cat, it wouldn’t have had quite the same charm without the group of dogs that show Oliver around the city and give him a temporary home. Enjoy this DVD copy of the movie with your family.


Dug was one special Golden Retriever. Not only was he curious and friendly, but he could talk! That is with the help of a fancy collar that could change his thoughts into words. Dug’s attention span might not have been great, but… squirrel! Oh, where were we? He wanted to be the best dog ever. Add Dug to your ever-growing Funko Pop collection, have fun with one of two tee shirts or a tank top, and bring home the plush Dug wearing the “cone of shame.”

Lady and Tramp

Lady is a Cocker Spaniel who is well cared for and has a fancy upbringing. Tramp, on the other hand, is a mutt and free to do as he please with the city as his playground. When Lady’s home life changes, she decides to hang with Tramp for awhile. Expand your collections with this picture of the iconic couple, this adorable twin plush, or this heart shape pin set.

Old Yeller

Another classic live-action film from Disney is Old Yeller, about a young boy and his adopted dog. Set in the 1860s Texas, Travis is left home to care for his family and help his mother while his father is on a cattle run. A stray dog wanders onto their property and soon wins the hearts of the whole family. Enjoy this film and its sequel, Savage Sam on DVD.


Copper is a playful hound dog from Disney’s animated feature, The Fox and the Hound. One of the cutest stories of friendship about two animals who don’t realize the rules of nature say they’re supposed to be enemies. Get your Blu-ray/DVD copy to share with the family, wear this adorable shirt, add this pin to your set, or pick up this stuffed animal of Copper

Max Goof

Goofy and his son Max learn all about family, friendship, and fun with the Goof Troop. You might remember this cartoon from childhood, and now you can share the fun with the kiddos in your life with both seasons of the hit show!


Goofy has been making us smile since 1932 with his unique laugh and crazy antics. Part of the Fab Five and one of Mickey’s longtime pals, Goofy lives up to his name. If you’re looking for artwork featuring the silly dog, you’ll love this graphic cube picture or choose between a paper print or canvas of this colorful photo. Enjoy your morning coffee or tea in this personality mug, hug this soft plush, get an artistic tee for yourself or an Emoji Blitz shirt for your kid, keep track of your keys with this lanyard, or take some time to play with this LEGO Duplo beach house set.

Other Dogs

If you have the cash to burn and really really love Disney Dogs, this painting might be perfect for you. It features all the main character animated dogs (and Stitch) from Disney feature classics. You can also enjoy these other films about dogs and their humans. Eight Below, Air Bud, Snow Dogs, and Spooky Buddies, which is just one of the many films starring the Golden Retriever pups.