Imperial Toys wowed me at Toy Fair 2017 with Disney D-Lectables, a line of plastic desserts inspired by Disney characters with swappable parts that give kids creative play in addition to being a fun collectible. The line is expanding in 2018 and one of the new ways fans and kids can collect the line is with character sets. On display was the Cinderella Collection, with ice cream cones themed to Cinderella, Prince Charming, Fairy Godmother, and Gus Gus.

To enhance the play aspect of Disney D-Lectables, Imperial has a few play sets that make it fun to swap figures. The Cupcake Cart set comes with an exclusive Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse cupcake. Mickey’s cupcake is styled after Steamboat Willie, one of the ways Imperial Toys is celebrating Mickey’s 90th birthday this year.

The Sweet Treats Scoop & Serve set allows kids to use an ice cream scoop that’s perfectly sized for Disney D-Lectables and comes with an exclusive Elena of Avalor Signature Sundae.

Blind bags are still a fun way to collect the standard figures with a surprise element. This Spring, you can also find egg-shaped containers. These sometimes contain bonus pieces that create limited edition pieces when you collect the entire series or be swapped with the pieces you already have.

It’s easy to quickly build a collection of Disney D-Lectables and Imperial has a Sweet Treats Collector Case that comes with 3 treats, one of which is a mystery. It allows you to display up to 12 treats and the doors also open to display them like a cupcake food truck. The prototype on display included sparkly variants of the Cinderella and Ariel figures plus four mystery pieces.

After Toy Fair, I took a closer look at the newest releases in the Disney D-Lectables line, which you can see on the Laughing Place YouTube channel.


My Foamies

New this year is MyFoamies, a collection of squishy super heroes that includes a license with Marvel. These can be played with like a ball, with a bouncy texture, but can also be squeezed like a stress ball. The line will be coming in the near future and is expected to feature characters like Spider-Man, Hulk, Captain America, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot.

Sticky Patches

Sticky Patches is another neat Imperial product, which looks just like a patch, but has a sticky backing. It can cleanly stick and be removed from any item of clothing using a sticky backing that leaves no residue. These products are already available and Marvel licensed patches will be available in the near future.


Projector Lights

Fun for bedtime are Imperial’s Projector Lights, which come in Disney Princess, Marvel, and Finding Dory themes.

Life-Like Figures

Their Life-Like line of figures also come in a variety of Disney and Marvel characters, including Mickey, Minnie, Nemo, Captain America, Black Panther, Groot, Rocket, and Hulk. These soft rubbery figures are full of gel and beads, making them a fun sensory experience for kids. Water Squeezy Balls have a similar texture, squishing Disney characters into ball form.


Imperial is best known for their bubble products and their Disney license expands with four eye-popping bubble wands. These are smaller than the clunky ones sold in Disney Parks, perfect for child hands, and feature lights and music in addition to bubbles at the press of a button. This allows them to double as a toy magic wand when the solution container is empty. The jewel-shaped bottom screws off, which is where parents can refill the bubbles, making it a clean bubble wand as well. These are currently available in styles based on Mickey and The Roadster Racers,The Little Mermaid, and Tangled: The Series. The fourth style is themed to Minnie Mouse, which is exclusive to Wal Mart stores.

Classic bubble blowing sets with character toppers allow for some traditional bubble fun. Themed bubble sticks also add themes like Marvel Spider-Man and The Lion Guard. Handheld bubble figures allow kids to dip one end in the solution and blow into the other. Stationary bubble blowers are also available themed to Cinderella, Cars, and Spider-Man.

While not Disney licensed, I also want to share a really neat product from Imperial called Lick a Bubble, sure to add an extra fun touch to any party. At first glance, they look like any clear bubble solution, except the glass is 2/3rds full and the solution seems thicker than regular bubbles. You can pour any drink of choice into it. This includes juices, carbonated sodas, and even alcoholic beverages. Shake it up, use the bubble wand and blow edible bubbles in your favorite beverage flavors. There are so many fun applications and you can use your imagination to make theme Disney related at your personal gatherings. I recommend using Dole pineapple juice to make “Dole Whip Bubbles.”

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