Toy Review: A Wrinkle in Time Dolls by Barbie Signature

It’s been two years since Hasbro outbid Mattel for the Disney Princess doll license, ending a partnership that also brought many collectable dolls aimed at adults. Back in the good old days, Mattel would make Barbie doll sets aimed at adult collectors, such as Barbie as Mary Poppins. While Disney Store has certainly filled in the void with annual themed doll collections and their 16-inch collector pieces, there’s just something special about Disney licensed Barbie’s. That’s why I was so excited to see the Barbie Signature collection themed to Disney’s A Wrinkle in Time.

Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, and Mindy Kaling have been brought to life as 12-inch plastic goddesses in their roles as Mrs. Which, Mrs. Whatsit, and Mrs. Who. Mattel recently won awards for introducing Barbie and Ken dolls in varying body types and this trend is applied to these collector dolls. For example, Reese Witherspoon’s doll has thinner arms than her costars.

Each character has multiple costume changes in the film and a fun aspect of the dolls is that they never wore these three dresses at the same time in the film. Mrs. Whatsit is in her flowy dress from Uriel, which inspires the form she takes as a flying creature that carries the kids on her back. This dress features a variety of fabrics and textures, with an iridescent skirt with green and blue strips hanging down. Her peach bodice fades into shade of green and blue and contains some beautiful reflective elements. The bunched up flower on her right shoulder also features strands of cosmic looking fabric.

Mrs. Who appears in a gorgeous look that appears briefly in the film. Her wrap is made of a velvet material with gold embroidery, the back of which has a great cosmic pattern. Her hair features four braided strands that hang down below her beautiful bun. Underneath her wrap is a blue and purple pattern skirt. But the best detail is that she comes with her magic glasses, which fold out just like in the film.

Mrs. Which appears in her costume from Orion’s Belt when they visit the Happy Medium. Her top looks like it’s made out of crinkled tin foil, a really unique fabric. She has a plastic bodice that leads to a textured skirt of gold and black. My favorite detail of her costume is the black sparkly train, which is made of a thick, heavy fabric. She is wearing the giant ring Oprah has in the film and her face makeup is full of sparkly and reflective elements, just like in the film.

There are so many great details on each doll that leaving them in their box would be a shame. Each comes with a doll stand and Mrs. Who and Mrs. Which both have interesting shoes, while Mrs. Whatsit is barefoot in her Uriel look. The boxes are sturdy and it’s easy to remove the dolls without ruining the box, so you can put them back inside if you decide to stop displaying them. Each also includes a certificate of authenticity from Barbie Signature.

In addition to the photos in this article, I also made a video review where you can see the dolls from multiple angles and in motion. The video shows off additional details, such as the doll stands, shoes, jewelry, and box art.

Each A Wrinkle in Time doll by Barbie Signature has a suggested retail price of $50. These are aimed at an adult collector, which is stated on the back of each box. Product links are available below:

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Alex Reif
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