At Toy Fair 2018, I got a preview of all of the fabulous kids toys on the horizon from Moose Toys. One of them, Fur Babies World, is already a big hit in the UK and is about to make its US debut, just in time for Easter. For review purposes, Moose Toys sent me this giant box.

Inside, I found a million packing peanuts and a flier offering an “Easter Egg Surprise for You!” The ad claims that they love to “Cuddle, dream, and play.” As a Disney fan, I enjoy the same things. So I was now beyond giddy to meet my Fur Baby.

Digging through the peanuts, I found a giant white chocolate Easter egg. I don’t think the photos do this thing justice. It was taller than my head.

When I finished my chocolate meal, I cracked open the plastic egg to find my very own Fur Baby! Yes, she was harshly judging my cluttered counter tops, throwing some shade.

Isn’t she precious? Her name is Issi, also known as “The sparkly one.” It doesn’t show up in the photos, but her fur actually has some sparkly accents.

Fur Babies aren’t just a plush, but also a puppet that can be operated with one finger. Behind Issi’s head is a hole that allows you to operate her controls with just one finger.

Inside of each Fur Babies’ face is a cylinder that contains their eyes, which can be moved up, down, left, and right. This allows you to control not only Issi’s eyes, but also the height of her ears.

While their heads are hard underneath the fur, the rest of their body is soft and cuddly, with a long tail. One of the hottest toys of 2017 was Fingerlings (battery operated monkeys that interact with kids while clinging to their finger). What’s great about Fur Babies is that no batteries are required. Like all new toys, there is a web series and an interactive website that introduces these characters and the rest of the Fur Babies World.

Below is a gallery of the Fur Babies World toys I first saw at Toy Fair, which also includes packaging options and play sets since my Fur Baby arrived in such a unique way. To see more of the great toys that Moose Toys had on display at Toy Fair 2018, be sure to check out our Toy Fair recap.