Welcome back to our annual Mouse Madness tournament! This year, our champion will take home the title of best film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe…so far. We’re looking at 16 of the 18 films (sorry Hulk and Spidey) to determine which story is better than the rest.

Not surprisingly, Thor: Ragnarok handily beat Thor in yesterday’s match. I guess he doesn’t need the hammer after all. Rangnarok advances to Round 3 where he’ll face off against one of these ensembles. Stay tuned!

Why Avengers should win: Typically workshop tools and outdoor sportsman equipment won’t protect you from danger, but when you bring together super humans, a hammer, shield, and bow might be enough. With wildly different backgrounds and skills, each Avenger is necessary for the overall success of the team and willingly puts aside their differences for the greater good. Also, they have a Hulk.

Why Guardians of the Galaxy should win: Humans, aliens, a raccoon, and a walking tree attempt to save the galaxy. Talk about nature in harmony! Faced with terrible odds and only 12% of a plan these misfits go into battle without much hope or luck. Selflessly sacrificing their lives isn’t going to be easy but it might be the only way, unless everyone could agree to a dance-off? Another thing this film has going for it is the soundtrack. The MCU’s best by a long shot.

Who do you think should advance to the next round? Vote now:

Be sure to come back tomorrow as we reveal the winner of today’s poll and continue onward through our bracket to crown the best film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe champion!