The family that fights together stays together? That doesn’t sound right. Anyway, super family the Parrs — better known as the Incredibles — are about to return this summer in Pixar’s Incredibles 2. When it comes to merchandise, shopDisney‘s got you covered! Take a look at some of the new (and classic) clothing, costumes, and items that feature the heroic family.

Bob Parr aka Mr. Incredible

Physical strength is what makes Mr. Incredible so incredible. Whether he’s lifting the family car over his head or training with trains (haha), his muscles are no joke. As a dad, he’s just an all around cool guy. Sometimes he gets a little frustrated when the kids are out of control, but who doesn’t?

Dad can be a hero in any of these shirts. “One Strong Dad,” Incredibles logo, or “Incredible Dad” will make him feel strong and ready to tackle any of the days events. The “Incredible Dad” mug will look great in the kitchen or at his desk, and the customizable phone case makes quite a statement. Don’t forget the Funko POP figure (pre-order) or the windup toy. Both make great additions to your figures and collectables sets.

Helen Parr aka Elastigirl

We’d venture a guess that Elastigirl wasn’t too popular in aerobics classes. Out stretching the instructor probably didn’t make her any friends, but what can you do? While that scenario is completely made up, her super-stretching body allows her to flatten herself, reach really far distances, or turn into a parachute whenever necessary.

Mom will look super in the Incredibles logo t-shirt“Incredible Mom” shirt, or customizable apron. Don’t forget to have some fun with this stretching arm toy or with this Funko POP figure that’s available for pre-order.



While most teenagers go through a phase where they wish they could be invisible, Violet actually has the power to do it! Not only can she disappear from sight, but she has amazing forcefield abilities that protect her and her family.

Girls will stand out in this “I’m Outta Here” shirt, “Incredigirl” dress, purple and black shirt and leggings set, or the classic Incredibles logo tee. There are also Funko POP figures available for pre-order.



Super speed is Dash’s gift and goodness gracious can he move quickly. Dash can get things done in a snap, and before anyone has a chance to realize he’s been there, he’s long gone!

Run around like the king of speed while wearing this “Speed is my Game” shirt, Incredibles logo tee, or shorts and tank set. Funko POP Dash looks as charming as ever, and this wind up toy is sure to keep kids entertained.

Jack Jack

We don’t know much about this little guy, but it seems that he has several powers and can change them at will! He’s excitable and has a great laugh, but don’t make him angry. You’ll have a devil of a time getting him to calm back down.

These baby onesies are cute and combustion imminent. Ok we have absolutely no idea about second part, but we know they are cute. Choose from gray or white. You can really step up your costume game and put your baby in this Jack Jack outfit and glasses/goggles. The ever popular Funko POP figure is available for pre-sale, and these boxing puppets look like fun. We’re pretty positive we’ll get a clue to the raccoon’s presence in the upcoming film.

Lucius Best aka Frozone

As long as there’s moisture in the air, Frozone can turn anything to ice. He can freeze things in their tracks or skate on the newly created ice as a quick way to get around. He’s a long time friend of the Parr’s and really enjoys being a hero, even if his wife isn’t too keen on his saving the day.

Your other plushes will be jealous when Frozone shows up, and the kids will love this sliding toy figure. And let’s not leave out the pre-order Funko POP of this cool guy.


Toys and LEGO

Recreate your favorite scenes from both movies with the tub of hero and villain toys, the character play set, or the remote control vehicle. LEGO has also designed three new sets for Incredibles 2: The Great Home Escape, the Elastigirl’s Rooftop Pursuit, and the The Underminer Bank Heist.

Incredible Ensemble

You can’t go wrong with an ensemble as strong as the Incredibles! These plates, cups, pins, and patches bring the whole family together and from the looks of it, they’re having a blast.

Incredibles 2 will make a cool entrance into theaters on June 15th.



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