It’s almost that time of year again. School will be back in session in just over a month and shopDisney wants to make sure you’re looking great when that first bell rings. Whether you’re returning to college, starting middle school, or sending your pre-schooler to their first full day of school, you’ll want to check out the fun styles for everything you need to make this year great.


These backpack are the perfect way to show love for your favorite characters while efficiently carrying all your school materials. Some of these backpacks even have separate lunch totes to match!



Be prepared for any type of weather with these cute jackets and hoodies.

Kids Sets and Shirts

Your kids will look great in a Disney t-shirt or a kids clothing set. Featuring favorite characters and bright colors, these items are fun, playful, and make for great conversation starters.


Lounge Wear and Sleepwear

Sometimes studying for a big test is uncomfortable, but you don’t have to be! Make your day a little more relaxing with these fun lounge pants. And for those days that call for total relaxation, you’ll love these character pajamas.

Everything Else

Sure, school can be daunting, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. A pop of color here, a favorite character there, every magical touch can bring joy to your day. Here are a few more items that we love:



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