Fans of the Disney Channel/Disney XD series Gravity Falls can stay weird with Gravity Falls: The Complete Series Collector’s Edition from Shout Factory. All forty episodes from both seasons are presented on Blu-Ray for the first time. Hours of bonus features, Easter Eggs, and cryptograms will keep fans busy this summer when this box set is released on July 24th.

Dipper and Mabel are twins who are sent to Gravity Falls, Oregon, to spend the summer with their Great Unkle (Grunkle) Stan. Forced to work in his tourist trap Mystery Shack, Dipper soon discovers a lost journal with a silhouette of a six-fingered hand on the cover and the number “3” in the center. He is perplexed by the drawings and descriptions of strange creatures throughout the journal, but his curiosity becomes a quest when he discovers everything inside the journal is true!

The weird and hilarious moments instantly grip you and you soon find yourself caring about the characters. As the series progresses, the mystery heightens. By the second season, it begins to feel like a race to the exciting finish. Series Creator Alex Hirsch made the wise decision to keep the series’ integrity intact and end the show when the story he wanted to tell had ended rather than milk it dry. For that reason, this ratings success capped off at just two seasons and forty episodes, all of which are presented in stunning high definition.

At its core, Gravity Falls is a show about the end of adolescence as Dipper and Mabel transition from kids to teens over the course of a summer. It’s also a show about family with a deep exploration of the different ways that can manifest. And then it’s also a show about gnomes, leprecorns, multi-bears, and time babies. It’s not an understatement to say that Gravity Falls is everything all at once.

As if owning the series wasn’t enough, Alex Hirsch has put together hours and hours of bonus features. These include a feature-length documentary, shorts, promos, Easter Eggs, hidden cryptograms, and audio commentary on every episode. What is this, The Simpsons?

By the end of this seven-disc box set, you’ll feel like an honorary member of the creative team. This entire series is worth revisiting again and again, so find a way to make room on your shelf for Gravity Falls: The Complete Series Collector’s Edition.

Bonus Features

Disc 1-6

  • Audio Commentary on Every Episode (average 22:00) – Alex Hirsch hosts a commentary track on all 40 episodes of the series. Guests vary per episode and include Kristen Schaal, Jason Ritter, plus a plethora of creative team members. It’s surprisingly honest, particular about the process of working with Disney Channel.
  • Easter Eggs
    • On Disc 2, go to “Episodes” – “Double Dipper” – “Commentary” and press down to access a second commentary track by Jason Ritter on his favorite episode. During the commentary, he clones himself and talks to his other selves (22:34).

Disc 7

  • One Crazy Summer (1:46:38) – Creator Alex Hirsch, members of the creative team, and the cast celebrate the hit series in this feature-length documentary. It’s very honest, exploring the series’ unlikely origins, Disney Channel pitch process, voice casting, zany style, music, fandom, and the decision to end the series after just two seasons.
  • The Hirsch Twins (16:07) – Alex and Ariel Hirsch reflect on childhood memories that ended up in the show and how their relationship and personal characteristics inspired Dipper and Mabel in the series.
  • Between the Pines (22:06) – This TV special with Alex Hirsch aired before the finale and answers some of fans biggest questions in addition to revealing some of the inspirations behind the show that are explored in greater detail in “One Crazy Summer.”
  • Deleted Scenes (1:02:03) – Storyboard deleted scenes are presented via a camera in story pitch meetings. It’s a curious way to present them, as the artwork takes up less than ¼ of the screen while the rest is a dark room where a Polycom, notebooks, and coffee cups can be seen in silhouette. I question if the audio could have been spliced with the original artwork as a better way to showcase these scenes.
  • Shorts – Shorts that originally aired on Disney Channel and Disney XD are offered individually or with “Play All” options.
    • Dipper’s Guide to the Unexplained (13:28)
      • Stan’s Tattoo (2:18) – Dipper shares his thoughts about Anomaly #23 – Grunkle Stan’s secret tattoo.
      • The Mail Box (2:18) – Anomaly #54 is a mailbox in the middle of the forest with no address or house.
      • Hide Behind (2:18) – Anomaly #132 is a creature that lumberjacks believe is always out of sight.
      • Candy Monster (2:18) – Anomaly #76 is also called “That Thing,” which is a hairy monster that eats candy.
      • The Tooth (2:18) – Anomaly #42 is a giant mysterious tooth.
      • Lefty – (2:03) – Anomaly #82 is a man who only ever faces left.
    • Mabel’s Guide to Life (11:56)
      • Mabel’s Guide to Art (2:18) – Mable shows off her cat-icature pieces.
      • Mabel’s Guide to Dating (2:33) – Mabel teaches animals how to couple up.
      • Mabel’s Guide to Fashion (2:18) – Mabel and her friends give several people flash makeovers.
      • Mabel’s Guide to Stickers (2:18) – Mabel explores the history of stickers and how to get free ones at stores.
      • Mabel’s Guide to Colors (2:33) – This guide turns into a quest to show Grunkle Stan a rainbow.
    • Fixin’ It with Soos (4:35)
      • Cuckoo Clock (2:18) – Soos and Mabel add some flair to a broken clock.
      • Golf Cart (2:18) – Soos and Dipper spruce up the golf card.
    • TV Shorts (5:05)
      • TV Shorts 1 (2:33) – Grunkle Stan promotes the Mystery Shack, Soos says some words, and Lil’ Gideon reveals the fun he’s having in prison.
      • TV Shorts 2 (2:33) – Stan watches a show called “Why You Actin’ Cray-Cray?,” “Teen Talk,” and “Duck-Tective.”
    • Mabel’s Scrapbook (4:50)
      • Petting Zoo (2:18) – Mabel revisits her scrapbook with a flashback to her petting zoo visit.
      • Heist Movie (2:33) – Mabel recalls a time she went to the movie theater to see “Pony Heist.”
  •  Promos
    • “Old Man” McGucket’s Conspiracy Corner (5:52)
      • Preview (0:32) – An ad for this short puppet series that aired during an all-day marathon on Disney XD.
      • Triangles (0:32) – McGucket has a crazy theory about triangles.
      • Stan’s Brother (0:32) – McGucket recalls seeing another man once who looks like Stan.
      • Relation-Shipping (0:32) – The romantic side of Gravity Falls is explored in this piece.
      • Laptop Code (0:32) – The code on McGucket’s computer might be significant.
      • The Ice Man (0:32) – Who could the ice bag belong to?
      • Medallions (0:32) – Does Gravity Falls have too many medals?
      • Government Agents (0:32) – How many times have you seen these agents around town?
      • 6-18 (0:32) – What could this number mean?
      • One Eye (0:32) – Is it a coincidence that many people in the show only have one functional eye?
      • Cryptograms (0:32) – How do you read a cryptogram?
    • Creepy Letters from Lil’ Gideon (2:42) – A series of letters from prison.
      • Letter #1 (0:33) – To Mabel
      • Letter #2 (0:33) – To Dipper
      • Letter #3 (0:33) – To Pines Family
      • Letter #4 (0:33) – To the good people of Gravity Falls
      • Letter #5 (0:33) – To Mabel
    • Soos’ Stan Fiction (3:53) – Soos offers some paper cutout fanfic.
      • Antarctic Mykonos (0:47)
      • Secret Apartment Union Station (0:47)
      • Axolotl Mexico (0:47)
      • Behind the Scenes (1:33) – Cardboard Artist Kyle Johnson shows you how this promo series came to life.
    • ‘Pocalypse Preppin’ (4:16) – “Old Man” McGucket offers another puppet series where he prepares for the apocalypse.
      • Food Stockpile (0:32)
      • Survival Tools (0:32)
      • Science (0:32)
      • Inventory (0:32)
      • How’d This Happen? (0:32)
      • Checkers (0:32)
      • I Remember (0:32)
      • Governor McGucket (0:32)
    • Mystery Shack: Shop at Home with Mr. Mystery (12:35) – Puppet Grunkle Stan is selling lots of items from the Mystery Shack.
      • Jar of Eyeballs (1:19)
      • Aztec Calendar (1:14)
      • A Fex (1:09)
      • Deer Teeth (1:02)
      • Mystery Box (1:16)
      • UFO on a String (1:25)
      • Nacho Necklace (1:22)
      • Gag Reel (2:42)
      • Diving Helmet (1:07)
    • Grunkle Stan’s Lost Mystery Shack Interviews (7:29) – Puppet Grunkle Stan interviews stars of other Disney Channel and Disney XD shows while looking for a new Myster Shack employee.
      • Preview (0:33)
      • Tyrel Jackson Williams from Lab Rats (0:33)
      • Billy Unger from Lab Rats (0:33)
      • Kelli Berglund from Lab Rats (0:33)
      • Jake Short from Mighty Med (0:33)
      • Bradley Steven Perry from Mighty Med (0:33)
      • Jacob Bertland from Kirby Buckets (0:33)
      • Mekai Curtis from Kirby Buckets (0:33)
      • Cade Sutton from Kirby Buckets (0:33)
      • Zendaya from KC Undercover (0:33)
      • Joey Bragg from Liv and Maddie (0:33)
      • Tenzing N. Trainor from Liv and Maddie (0:33)
      • Cameron Boyce from Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything (0:33)
      • Spencerr Boldman from Lab Rats (0:33)
    • Gravity Paws (5:44) – These dogs are the ultimate Gravity Falls
      • Puppy Super Fan Spot #1 (0:32)
      • Puppy Super Fan Spot #2 (0:32)
      • Puppy Super Fan Spot #3 (0:32)
      • Puppy Super Fan Spot #4 (0:32)
      • Behind the Scenes (2:03)
      • Gravity Paws Theme Song (0:47)
      • Gravity Falls/Gravity Paws Theme Song Side-By-Side Comparison (0:48)
    • Journal 3 Infomercial (1:03) – Kristen Schaal and Jason Ritter promote the release of Journal 3.
    • Season 2 San Diego Comic Con Trailer (1:03) – A trailer shown at Comic Con.
  • Easter Eggs – Hidden cryptograms in “One Crazy Summer” reveal hints to help you find some of the Easter Eggs below on Disc 7. If you want the thrill of seeking these out for yourself, skip this next list.
    • Navigate to “Shorts” and click left to highlight a cryptogram for “G” that reveals Alex Hirsch and Ian Worrel drawing the Mystery Shack (10:43).
    • Navigate to “Shorts” – “Dippers Guide to the Unexplained” – “Stan’s Tattoo” and press right to highlight a cryptogram for “A” that finds Alonso Ramirez Ramos and Matt Braly drawing Dipper and Mabel (1:23).
    • Navigate to “Shorts” – “Mabel’s Guide to” – “Mabel’s Guide to Stickers” and click right to highlight a cryptogram for “V” that shows a blooper reel from the “One Crazy Summer” feature (3:06).
    • Navigate to “Shorts” – “Fixin’ It with Soos” – “Cuckoo Clock” and click right to highlight a cryptogram for “I” that showcases alternate score tracks by Composer Brad Breeck (12:51).
    • Navigate to “Shorts” – “Mabel’s Scrapbook” – “Petting Zoo” and click right to highlight a cryptogram for “T” that finds the writers discussing their favorite episodes (5:30).
    • Navigate to “Promos” – “Gravity Paws” and click right to access a cryptogram for “Y” with a creepy video of Bill Cipher talking backwards. Find a way to reverse the audio for a secret message (0:34).
    • Navigate to “Promos” – “Old Man McGucket’s Conspiracy Corner” – “Triangles” and click left to access a cryptogram for “F” that finds Ariel Hirsch trying on her Trolls sweatshirt that inspired Mabel’s sweatshirts in the show (0:58)
    • Navigate to “Promos” – “Old Man McGucket’s Conspiracy Corner” – “Cryptograms” and click left to highlight a cryptogram for “A” where the writers discuss how they celebrated the series getting the green light (4:21).
    • Navigate to “Promos” – “Pocalypse Preppin’” – “Checkers” and click left to highlight a cryptogram for “L” to find Alex and Ariel Hirsch discussing the origins of the journals (3:47).
    • Navigate to “Promos” – “Mystery Shack: Shop at Home with Mr. Mystery” – “Deer Teeth” and click left to highlight a cryptogram for “L” to find Alex Hirsch burning his flannel jacket (1:48).
    • Navigate to “Promos” – “Grunkle Stan’s Lost Mystery Shack Interviews” – “Zendaya from KC Undercover” and click left to highlight a cryptogram for “S” that finds Bill Cypher singing “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow” (0:12),
    • Navigate to “Shorts” – “TV Shorts” and click right to highlight a cryptogram for “M” to access a video of Bill Cypher asking you to help him get out of this box set since you clicked the wrong Easter Egg (1:19).

Packaging & Design

Gravity Falls: The Complete Series Collector’s Edition comes housed in a sturdy chipboard box with three standard-sized Blu-Ray cases inside. The first two hold three discs each, split between seasons one and two. The third case houses the bonus disc. The artwork on each case is themed to the three journals. Cryptograms can be found hidden throughout the outer box and case artwork as well. Each disc has artwork, showcasing a different character from the series. Inserts include a flier for the upcoming book Gravity Falls: Lost Legends. There is also an envelope with a reproduction of the note Dipper receives in the final episode.

Final Thoughts

Gravity Falls: The Complete Series Collector’s Edition will make you laugh, cry, and fear the thin barriers between this dimension and the next. So grab this box set, a box of snacks, and a journal and prepare to explore the unknown this summer.



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