“Big City Greens” and “Star Vs. The Forces of Evil” Joint Panel at San Diego-Comic Con

Disney Channel’s Big City Greens and Disney XD’s Star vs the Forces of Evil held a joint panel today at Comic-Con where they treated fans to several fun surprises including two Comic-Con exclusive sneak peeks.



  • The morning’s events started with clip of a new show called Amphibia. Amphibia is about a girl who ends up in a world of frog people and will premiere on Disney Chanel in 2019.

  • The voice cast of Star vs. The Forces of Evil took the stage and performed a reading from an upcoming book for spells.
  • Adam McArthur who voices Marco, is a real life martial arts expert and showed off his skills to the audience by breaking bricks with his hand!
  • Big City Greens took the stage next and went through the evolution of Tilly’s character with voice actress Marieve Herington. Then they announced an upcoming Halloween special!
  • Both shows came together for a live reading of a script where the Big City Greens characters go to a comic-con and the Star vs. The Forces of Evil characters enter through a dimensional tear.  All of them are being chased by a man-spider monster so Cricket Green attempts to save the day by attacking a Spider-Man cosplayer.
  • Both shows debuted Comic-Con exclusive sneak peeks too!