With all of the panels, signings, and other activities that take place at the San Diego Comic-Con itself, some attendees might not even consider heading off campus. However, those who do take the time to explore more of San Diego’s iconic Gaslamp Quarter may be rewarded with additional experiences that just seem to “pop-up.” Case in point: today Disney is celebrating the 25th anniversary of The Nightmare Before Christmas with a special pop-up experience.

Upon entering, fans of the film will surely recognize this Christmas Door tree that acts as a portal to Christmas Town.

“What’s this?” Well, take a peek inside:

The pop up is also hosting a collection of art that transforms Jack Skellington’s head into other characters, objects, and more. The project is actually reminiscent of the Star Wars Legion art exhibit that did the same to Stormtrooper helmets. In both cases, the results are creative and awesome.

You can catch the Nightmare Before Christmas 25th Anniversary pop up at the Davis-Horton House located at 410 Island Avenue in San Diego. But you better hurry — this event will conclude at 8 p.m. today, Saturday, July 21st!

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