We all hate knowing that summer has an inevitable end, but that doesn’t mean we can’t plan to have an awesome autumn. BoxLunch is preparing for back to school with some fun and exclusive themed merchandise to get the academic year off to a great start. Check out their Monsters University inspired attire.

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Sorority Selections

Classic, comfortable, colorful. What more could you want? These t-shirts are spirit jerseys are great for everyone, no pledging required.


Fraternity Picks

Mix things up a little during rush week and support Monsters University!


Classy Kids

Even the little ones want to look cool when they go to “school.”

Scholastic Achievement

You’ve got what it takes to make this school year the best yet. However, that doesn’t mean you can have some fun while you’re putting in all that hard work. These novelty items are perfect conversation starters and a great way for your study group to locate you in the library.

Be sure to check out BoxLunch for even more awesome back to school clothing and accessories.



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