Typhoon Lagoon Water Park

I, as with most of you I am sure, have a Disney Bucket List and towards the top has always been taking surfing lessons at Typhoon Lagoon. I can remember way back when I first started planning my own vacations reading about the surf lessons in the Birnbaum’s Walt Disney World Guide Book. Thanks to an invite from Disney, I was finally able to check that off the list!

Typhoon Lagoon Water Park

For those of you not familiar with Typhoon Lagoon, it’s home to North America’s largest outdoor wave pool, which is a perfect place to learn to surf. Before we jump in the deep end, we first have to learn to swim. When it comes to learning new talents, my mind always goes to Ratatouille and Chef Gusteau’s book “Anyone Can Cook.” So, do you think “Anyone Can Surf?”

Typhoon Lagoon – Surf Lessons

“From amped first-timers to intermediate riders, our surfing lessons have got you covered!” That is how the Walt Disney World website starts off in its description of this class. Now, as you will see in the video below, Jen and her crew from Coca Beach Surf School aka Ron Jon Surf School spend a great amount of the 2.5 hours teaching you safety and the basics of how to surf before you even touch the water. I felt more prepared to surf than I did to drive the first time just because of how great the instructors are…but now we look at the real question “Can Jeremiah Surf?”

Now that you have seen the answer, it was not from lack of help from everyone more so from a back problem that I thought was long gone, but I tried! Now I, out of the 10 other students, was really the only one that couldn’t do it. The instructors are in the water with you pushing you off and giving you tips while one is on land giving more tips and cheering you on.

Typhoon Lagoon – Tess May hanging ten

The surf lessons here is a safe and controlled way to learn, with each student taking at least 4 sets of 2 waves, each with the ability for them to pick the big or small waves. If you have the drive and ability, you will catch at least one choice wave before the lesson is over. Included with the $190 price is all equipment you need, a continental breakfast with juices and coffee, and a ESPN Game Day photographer on hand to capture you in the best light.

Typhoon Lagoon Water Park

For more information and how to book your own surf lessons visit HERE. I would also like to thank our friends at AttractionMagazine.com for some of the photos and video in this story.

DISCLAIMER: I was a guest of Walt Disney World at this event. This did not affect my ability to surf or not.