There’s no shortage of ways to celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 90th Anniversary. Those looking for a special keepsake and display piece for this momentous occasion will find it from Precious Moments. The first imagery that comes to my mind when I think of them are figurines of children with sorrowful eyes. But “Mickey the True Original” from Precious Moments will prove that the company is capable of so much more.

Standing almost 12 inches high, this figurine contains seven Mickey figures, representing some of his most memorable appearances through the years. The figures are all standing along a spiral film strip, with Mickey in his classic red short and yellow shoes at the top. From the bottom up, you’ll find figures of “Steamboat Willie,” “The Band Concert,” “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” (Fantasia), “Mickey and the Beanstalk” (Fun & Fancy Free), “The Mickey Mouse Club,” and the new Disney Channel shorts series.


Each figure is hand painted and made of resin. It comes packaged in a sturdy box with styrofoam protection to make sure it arrives safely. The packaging is branded with the “Disney Showcase Collection” label and the bottom of the figure features the “Mickey’s 90th” logo as well as the Precious Moments branding.

Because the figure features 360 degrees of details, it would be a shame to put this in a display cabinet. It’s best displayed as a centerpiece on a table or a counter, where your family and friends can enjoy it from every angle. Precious Moments will only produce it for one year and it launched in August, so don’t wait too long if you feel like this piece belongs in your collection.

I love the poses of each figure. Steamboat Mickey has a song in his heart as he takes the wheel, Sorcerer Mickey is reaching out to cast some magic, Band Concert Mickey is commanding the attention of his orchestra, Beanstalk Mickey is climbing higher toward adventure, and Bandleader Mickey is happily leading his parade. The Mickey at the top is pointing “Forward” towards the future, a sign that more magical memories lay ahead.

This is the first hand painted figuring that I’ve ever owned and having it hand painted reminds me of the maquette figures that animators used in the hand drawn days of Disney Animation. When you look closely, it’s easy to see that the paint was applied by hand. It’s not machine-precise and some of the elements run. On most of Mickey’s faces, the black lines around the white or peach of his face aren’t exactly on the line. This means that no two figures will be exactly the same and makes your figurine one of a kind, which I think is a nice touch.

When I first saw “Mickey the True Original” online, I instantly wanted it. I’m so happy to add it to my Mickey’s 90th collection and it will earn a place of honor in my home forever. I recommend this to Mickey Mouse fans looking for a special memento to commemorate the 90th anniversary.

Disney fans can purchase “Mickey the True Original” directly from Precious Moments by clicking here.