Parents can give their kids a guide to the world with the National Geographic Kids Almanac 2019, which makes learning fun through eleven topics. Science, history, geography, and current events are all covered with fun subjects and images that will inspire them to want to learn more. It’s travel sized and easy to read in short increments as every few pages offers a new article within that section.

The eleven topics are:

Your World 2019 – New innovations are highlighted that could soon become a part of our everyday lives, including feline detectives, ocean trash removers, robot hotels, and front yard farms.

Amazing Animals – Some incredible animal facts are presented including things like species of frogs that are being wiped out by fungus, dolphin communication, and how giraffes are like ninjas. It also includes a section about dinosaurs (!!!!!).

Science and Technology – George Washington Carver, new inventions, some crazy facts about food, and a few experiments you can do at home are highlights of this section.

Going Green – Climate change is emphasized here, with ways it’s affecting animals and weather patterns and ways kids can help out, including fun facts about recycling.

Culture Connection – Superstitions, money, religion, food, and holidays around the world help kids widen their world.

Space and Earth – Planets and stars are explored, with a calendar for viewing cosmic events in 2019, and our own planets layers and curiosities are revealed.

Fun and Games – Mazes, word games, word scrambles, brain teasers, jokes, cartoons, and comics offer a sort of recess in the middle of the book.

Awesome Exploration – Kids are introduced to several types of explorers, from mountain climbers and biologists to photographers and astronomers.

Wonders of Nature – All six biomes are highlighted in addition to disastrous weather events.

History Happens – Vikings, castles, hidden temples, cursed tombs, branches of government, and U.S. Presidents are at the core of this diverse section.

Geography Rocks – The continents and oceans are explored with fun facts and maps that teach kids the difference between the physical maps and political maps. It helps put all of the lessons that proceed it in perspective.

The content is brilliantly presented with short and easily digestible articles in each section. This Almanac uses color on every page, with lots of high quality photos that command your attention and encourage you to read on. Most importantly, it shows kids that learning can be fun and that education can be entertaining.

The Epcot philosophy of edutainment is alive and well in the National Geographic Kids Almanac 2019. Kids can connect with the world around them through this portable almanac that transforms them into explorers conquering the unknown. Bonus, parents will likely find themselves reading through it as well. Kids may be the target audience, but it’s guaranteed to teach any reader some fascinating new facts.