The new crime/drama series Mr Inbetween premiered last night on FX with its first two episodes and it was an interesting start to what appears to be a unique and compelling story.

Fair warning, this is not a family show. Its late air time allows for a fair amount of violence and strong language.

The first episode, titled “The Pee Pee Guy,” introduces us to Ray Shoesmith, a criminal for hire who seemingly has a good heart and a desire to be a good person and do right by his daughter. This episode also proves that he’s willing to do anything for his friends, even if it earns him an unfortunate nickname.

The second episode, titled “Unicorns Know Everybody’s Name,” opens with the dark side of Ray, showing that even if he wants to be good, his line of work may not totally allow for that to be the case. Later though, when Ray finds out he had the wrong target, we see that he has issues with killing for the sake of killing. We also see him start to build a relationship with a paramedic named Ally.

After two episodes, Mr Inbetween seemingly has an interesting an intimate story to tell about a broken man who can simultaneously serve as both a protagonist and antagonist. It bounces back and forth between his personal life, in which he appears to be doing his best to be a good father, friend and citizen and his work life in which we see his violent and dark nature. The series balances the violence with comedy and heartwarming father-daughter moments.

Mr Inbetween was shot in Australia and was written by Ryan and Nash Edgerton and produced by Ryan, Edgerton, Michele Bennet and Jason Burrows. The new series will have a six-episode first season and will air on Tuesday nights at 11:30 on FX.