CONTEST: Star vs. The Forces of Evil

Fans of Disney XD’s Star vs. the Forces of Evil can now get their hands on their own copy of The Magic Book of Spells. To celebrate its release, we are partnering with Disney Books on a special Star vs. the Forces of Evil giveaway. To enter, fill out the form below:

One Winner Receives:

  • a copy of Star vs. the Forces of Evil: The Magic Book of Spells,
  • and a Star Butterfly t-shirt & beanie

Giveaway open to US addresses only.

Prizing and samples provided by Disney Book Group.

About The Magic Book of Spells

Ever wondered what’s inside The Magic Book of Spells? It contains every spell you’ve ever seen on the show, plus the history of Mewni, as told by thirteen queens. Each chapter is full of secrets, magic, and notes from Star Butterfly!

This fun-packed, full-color jacketed hardcover version of The Magic Book of Spells will give fans of Star vs. the Forces of Evil all the inside information… and a chance to meet four never-seen-before queens.

Plus, the book jacket doubles as an exclusive Mewberty Wings tarot card poster

Fans will have access to the past 13 Queens. Well, 12 Queens and one not-quite Queen. They’ll gain insight into their various spells, histories, diary pages, tarot cards, secret loves! They can find out their Aureole sign, recipes for Mewni pies, and if they are really clever unlock a secret language.

About the Queens of Mewni:

In the latest season of the show we learned a lot more about the history of Mewni and its series of queens. In the book, you will learn from all of the realm’s previous queens including:

  • Star the Underestimated: Was queen for just four days. Her one decision on the throne, to give it all away
  • Solaria the Monster Carver: A castle stormed is a hero born with might and strong as steel. Kneel the void before her and the crushing force she yields
  • Festivia the Fun: When the threat of monsters at the gate has darkened out the sun, let the kingdom find some peace and joy in Festivia the Fun
  • Eclipsia the Queen of Darkness: “Eclipsa, queen of Mewni. to a Meman king was wed, but took a monster for her love and away from Mewni fled.”