“Villains Rise Again!” Halloween at Tokyo DisneySea

Halloween at Tokyo DisneySea is one of our favorite seasons in one of the most unique Disney Parks. This is the time when Disney Villains are set free, and harkens the return of “The Villains World.” From parades to detailed décor, from seasonal foods to unique merchandise, we bring you all the details in our articles from the Tokyo Disney Resort.

Tokyo DisneySea is known for its nautical-themed attractions and excellence in celebrating each season. Halloween is no exception. As always, there is no extra charge for holiday entertainment. It’s all included with your entry ticket.

Seasonal Entertainment Abounds at Tokyo DisneySea

In this article, we highlight Disney’s Halloween 2018 season at Tokyo DisneySea themed: ‘Villains Rise Again!’ We are thrilled to see the return of the “The Villains World” water pageant, with some amazing new additions.

This is our second Halloween season at the TDR. See more of our coverage from Halloween 2016 in the “Ghoulishly Delightful Halloween Experiences” articles Part 1 (Tokyo Disneyland) and Part 2 (Tokyo DisneySea).

The amount of entertainment scheduled daily at Tokyo DisneySea is almost overwhelming. Every day on Mediterranean Harbor, “The Villains World” parade runs twice, in addition to the 35th Anniversary “Happiest Celebration on the Sea” water pageant, and the nightly spectacular, “Fantasmic.”

In addition, Tokyo DisneySea has multiple stage shows: 5-6 daily showtimes of “Big Band Beat,” 3-5 curtain calls for “Out of Shadowland,” continuous showings of “My Friend Duffy,” and 3-5 performances of the new “Hello, New York!”

We even found the “Villains Halloween Party” which did not have posted showtimes. Then there’s the “Brand New Dream” fireworks. We took these as extra opportunities to bring you amazing photos from the Tokyo Disney Resort (TDR).

“The Villains World” rises again

Halloween at Tokyo DisneySea means the return of “The Villains World” – a 25-minute water spectacle involving five ornately-decorated ships, 120 stage performers, and some of your favorite Disney Villains.

Mickey and friends are invited by the Villains to attend their Halloween party. “Out of respect,” says the Tokyo Disneyland website, they coordinate their costumes with those of the Villains. Each Villain in turn gets to showcase their particular style, supported by themed dancers around Mediterranean Harbor.

Captain Hook and Mr. Smee sail a pirate ship with – what else? A very large hook.

Mickey and Pluto don pirate attire as they are guests of Captain Hook.

The Evil Queen’s ship has a large ‘magic mirror’ frame and is topped with a crown. The tall building in the background is the Hotel Hightower (aka Tower of Terror).

We can see why she was once “fairest of them all.”

Minnie is an image of elegance on the ship of the Evil Queen.

Maleficent sails on an impressive vessel with large horns, sharing with Ursula.

Ursula appears at the rear of the ship later during the show.

Daisy and Clarice – who are very popular at Tokyo Disney Resort – are dressed to impress in costumes themed to Maleficent and Ursula.

Jafar’s ship features an enormous golden cobra, and Jafar’s hat in classic red and black colors.

Goofy sports a turban and also wears red and black as he sails with Jafar.

The lord of the underworld, Hades, plays it cool with blue flames atop his ship. He is accompanied by Pain and Panic.

Donald, Chip and Dale are dressed in Greek attire as they journey with Hades. This year, we noticed a bit of a hip-hop vibe to Hades’ part of the parade.

Even Mount Prometheus participates in the show, blowing Mickey-shaped fireballs.

Some of the most impressive additions were the water jet pack performers. They propelled through the water with only head and shoulders showing above the water. Then, this …

They danced in spirals above the harbor, coordinated to the music. Even their supply lines were decorated with thorns.

These water jet pack performers reached impressive heights. The guests on their Hotel MiraCosta balconies are on at least the 5th floor.

See our video of the water jet pack performers here:

So whether you love Mickey,



or Daisy…

… there’s a lot to love about “The Villains World.”

We have some of the center stage video here:

See our full “The Villains World” video here:

Villains take over the American Waterfront

Tokyo DisneySea never ceases to amaze in their attention to detail. Here, we see Villains ‘etched’ into the walls in front of the Tower of Terror as if they’ve always been there.

Here’s a closer look at Ursula’s silhouette.

For Halloween 2016, Tokyo DisneySea had huge stained-glass panels of Disney’s most infamous villains. This year, they had three larger-than-life figures of Maleficent…

the Evil Queen, and

Ursula. They looked great during the day, but even more impressive when lit up at night. And they were popular photo-ops (the PhotoPass photographer stood in front of Ursula).

Looks like Maleficent has been hard at work, casting a bed of thorns around the DisneySea Electric Railway tracks.

American Waterfront hosts the “Villains Halloween Party”

We saw this sign, but we didn’t really know what the “Villains Halloween Party” was. It wasn’t on the Times Guide. There were a lot of guests seated in front of the pavilion. A cast member indicated that that party was starting soon, so we were curious to see what this was.

From what we could gather (it was all in Japanese), Dr. Facilier was hosting something like a talk show with Disney Villains. Only, you’ve never seen the Villains like this before.

All the roles of male Villains were played by females, and the roles of female Villains were played by males. It was certainly an interesting twist, with fantastic costuming.

Here’s our cast. Meet Captain Hook,


and Jafar.

Sporting some serious guy-liner are Ursula,

Cruella de Ville,

And the Queen / King of Hearts.

Then, there’s the lady on the right who appears to be a reporter.

The Villains each had model poses with specific hand motions that they taught the audience. It was a game to perform the correct hand motions for each Villain as their names were called out.

Guests were chosen by the Villains to come up and perform the hand motions on stage.

This was a short but entertaining show. We think we got the gist of it, but really enjoyed the detailed costuming for each re-imagined character. What do you gather from the video?

Halloween décor in the entry and Mediterranean Harbor

The Villains have redecorated the entrance to Tokyo DisneySea, as the magic Mirror on the Wall looks on. Thorns and banners announce Disney’s Halloween 2018 season with flair.

Just through the arches, the hallway is lined with multiple lenticular banners that mirror the pairings of “The Villains World” show.

Mickey shares a ship, and banner, with Captain Hook. Notice the hook detail on the banner.

Minnie and the Evil Queen are nearby.

Daisy and Maleficent, and Clarice and Ursula coordinate costumes on their shared Villains World ship. The lenticular pairs are switched, though, with Maleficent on the same panel as Clarice.

Here are the rest of the male Villains: Hades with Donald,

and Jafar with Goofy.

In Mediterranean Harbor, the Halloween décor continues.

There were meet and greets with Gaston, Jafar, and other Villains as well. This was the first time we’ve seen Maleficent’s goons from Sleeping Beauty.

Construction update on “Soaring Fantastic Flight”

Last month, Tokyo DisneySea released a concept photo of their “Soaring Fantastic Flight” attraction. It has a beautiful Italian-style façade. From across Mediterranean Harbor, we captured this photo of the scaffolding starting to come down, revealing the detailed brick work of the ride building.

Walking next to the construction, we could see some of the faux-marble walls up close. They blended in so well to the existing Mediterranean Harbor waterfront – it is a perfectly natural extension.

Follow us as we explore the seasonal food and merchandise of Tokyo Disney’s Halloween 2018.

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