In just a few days, the iconic Mickey Mouse will turn 90. To celebrate this historic milestone, the Laughing Place staff have searched through their extensive Disney collections to highlight nine of their favorite Mickey-centric items. Throughout the week, we’ll be unveiling out 90 for 90 series in five parts, with each installment featuring two LP contributors.

Today. we have our Chief Southern California Contributor Mike Celestino and “Disney Extinct Attractions” Contributor Cole Geryak sharing their top Mickey items/projects and what they mean to them.

Mike C.’s 9 Favorite Mickeys

 “Lonesome Ghosts” / “Clock Cleaners” / “Ship Builders” / etc.

I have to be honest right off the bat here and say I’ve never really cared for Mickey Mouse as a character. I understand his cultural relevance, but to me, he is the bland center of the Disney cartoon universe. I do love Donald and Goofy, though, so I always enjoy when the three characters team up. These were a series of shorts produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios in the late 1930s that best exemplified the friendship between those famous pals, and they’re undoubtedly my absolute favorite thing Mickey has ever done.

Hidden Mickeys at Disney Parks

Image via Disney Food Blog

I love theme parks and I love Easter Eggs, so the Disney Imagineer in-joke Hidden Mickeys are right up my alley. My personal favorite example is in the sign for Marceline’s Confectionery in the Downtown Disney District, probably because it took me so long to see it, even though it’s hidden in very plain sight. It had to be pointed out to me by a Disneyland Resort Cast Member, and now I always show it to friends and family whenever we pass by that spot.

“Runaway Brain” pin

When I first saw this pin for sale at Disneyland, I knew I had to have it. I never thought Disney would create a piece of official merchandise with Mickey looking so ravenous, almost like a zombie. This pin depicts a scene from the 1995 short “Runaway Brain,” which played in front of the live-action Disney remake “A Kid in King Arthur’s Court.” The short also represents one of the weirder things the company has ever done with the Mickey Mouse character, so I appreciate that as well.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse LEGO minifigures

I just like that LEGO made a Disney minifigure series and a huge set recreating Magic Kingdom’s Cinderella Castle. As both a LEGO and Disney fan, I really hope they get around to making more characters and theme park-inspired sets in the same vein.

The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse

This side-scrolling adventure video game came out for Super Nintendo when I was twelve, and I really loved it. I think I bought it based on a positive review in Nintendo Power magazine. Someday I’d like to go back and play it through again.

Mickey Mouse Jack-o’-Lantern Halloween Popcorn Bucket

I have a serious addiction to buying as many of the Disneyland Resort popcorn buckets as I can get my hands on, and this one combines my favorite holiday with my favorite ubiquitous corporate icon, so how could I pass it up?

Mickey and Minnie Salt & Pepper Shakers

These were given to my wife and I by relatives of hers as an engagement gift. They’re just a tiny bit kitschy for my taste, but we have them displayed on the kitchen counter regardless.

TV Funhouse “Disney Vault” sketch on Saturday Night Live (NSFW)

In this definitely not-for-children video piece written by SNL legend (and creator of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog) Robert Smigel, Mickey Mouse takes two innocuous kids on a tour of the Disney Vault. This sketch has some of the best-ever comedy digs at Disney as a company, plus the amazing line “You’re supposed to be funny?” which I try not to yell at Mickey whenever I cross his path in the parks.

Mickey plush

I was sent this doll for free by D23 the Official Disney Fan Club, and I like free things.

Cole’s 9 Favorite Mickeys

Wooden Toy Mickey

This item means a lot to me because it was one of the first Disney items that I ever owned. It has a little push button at the bottom that I can use to move Mickey’s arms, and I have such great memories of playing with it as a child.

Porcelain Mickey

This porcelain Mickey was almost one of the first Disney items that I owned. He was part of a package that also included other members of the Fab Five, and I remember always needing to be really careful with them when I was younger, so that they wouldn’t break.

Expressions Puzzle Mickey

This puzzle helped me a lot when I was joining my fraternity in college. Throughout the process, I had to meet with many different members, and one of the activities that we frequently did was complete this puzzle.

Graduation Ear Hat Mickey

I received these Mickey ears when I interned at the Walt Disney Studios. I had never owned a classic pair of Mickey ears, so it was great to finally acquire a pair, especially in such a meaningful way.

Disney Professional Internships Button Mickey

I also received this pin during my internship. The pin serves a great reminder that Mickey is the reason this company exists and brings back a lot of great memories.

MagicBand Mickey

I received this MagicBand on my last trip to Disney World, and it helps remind me of all the wonderful time I have spent there. Also, the orange color serves as reminder of my time in Orientation when I ran the orange family, so in a way in combines Orientation and Disney, two of my favorite things.

Descriptive Words Mickey

I have owned this shirt for years (as you can see by the wrinkles), and it is one of my favorites to wear to Disneyland and Disney World. I love the use of words to make up Mickey, especially with all of the great adjectives used.

Cruise Line Medal Mickey

This medal means a lot to me because I won it on a Disney Cruise, so it helps brings back great memories from the trip. Also, I won the medal by winning Disney Parks Trivia, my favorite aspect of the Disney Company, so it also serves as proof that I really know my stuff there.

Cruise Line Bag Mickey

I got this bag on the Disney Cruise, as well, and it was actually my first truly Disney-themed bag. Also, this bag was given to me by a favorite employee of the ship, so it shares some nostalgic value in that way, as well.

Come back tomorrow for more of our 90 for 90 series celebrating Mickey’s 90th birthday.