“Scrubs” Funko Pop! Figures Now Available for Pre-Order

Ahhh! This just might be our favorite addition to the Funko Pop! family. The lovable, sometimes bumbling, doctors of Sacred Heart Hospital are coming soon as part of the new Scrubs collection inspired by the ABC-produced comedy. Who doesn’t want a Dr. John “J.D.” Dorian Pop! figure for their home, office, or even operating room? Regardless of which Sacred Heart doc is your favorite, we know you’ll love these new collectables.

J.D. aka Dr. John Dorian

J.D. is far from perfect, but boy does he try hard at everything. From trying to help in situations far beyond his knowledge, to taking the time to duel with his janitor nemesis, Bill Lawrence and his team knew what they were doing when they created the character of J.D.

Scrubs J.D. Pop! Vinyl Figure $10.99 (Pre-order)

Turk aka Dr. Christopher Turk

Turk and J.D. have the greatest bro-mance of all time. Best friends since college, Turk knows J.D. better than anyone else. The two pals sometimes battle it out at times for who is the most immature! But silliness aside, this surgeon is one to snap back to reality and deal with the difficult situations the hospital throws his way. When work isn’t too crazy, Turk even finds time to woo nurse Carla Espinosa.

Scrubs Turk Pop! Vinyl Figure $10.99 (Pre-order)

Dr. Perry Cox

We’re not sure if any other character has quite the same ability as Dr. Cox to extend words far beyond their normal syllables, but he-er-er-er-ere we are. Whether he’s choosing the perfect way to insult GingerSamantha, Dorothy J.D. or fighting for the rights of his patients (with or without insurance), Dr. Cox proves that his ultimate goal is just to make a difference for the good of others.

Scrubs Dr. Cox Pop! Vinyl Figure $10.99 (Pre-order)

Dr. Elliot Reid

The high strung, mood swinging, German speaking, and extremely intelligent Elliot is one of the most unique female characters written for television. While often referred to as “Barbie” by Dr. Cox, Elliot can hold her own. Sure, she has her moments, but ultimately she’s a force to be reckoned. Elliot struggles a bit to blend silly and serious, but when she’s passionate about something, she goes at it with everything she’s got.

Scrubs Elliot Pop! Vinyl Figure $10.99 (Pre-order)