Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns is one of the most joyous films ever made. Now fans can bring home the practically perfect nanny and her lamplighter friend thanks to three dolls from Mattel’s Barbie Signature label. Barbie Signature is the brand’s collectible line, often geared towards the adult doll collector.

Mary Poppins Arrives

The first doll in the series captures Emily Blunt’s iconic descent from the clouds in a royal blue striped coat, red polka dot neckerchief, and fedora with a beautiful feathered bird perched on the side. The outfit is inspired by the Sandy Powell costume seen in the film and even the shoes reflect the character’s on-screen appearance. As an extra accessory, this doll comes with her carpet bag, which features 360 degrees of detail (sadly, it doesn’t open). The only thing missing is the parrot head umbrella.

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Jack the Lamplighter

Lin-Manuel Miranda receives his first doll not for Hamilton, but for Jack, Mary’s friend who helps the Banks Family in more ways than one. He includes his lamplighting stick to help you trip the light in your life and make it fantastic. This doll breaks the uniformity with its box design, taking a blue border instead of the yellow found on the two Mary Poppins dolls. It’s only a matter of time before someone uses this doll to create custom Hamilton figures.

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Mary Poppins at the Grand Music Hall

This doll is a Disney Store Exclusive, depicting Mary Poppins as she appeared at the start of the adventure inside the Royal Doulton Bowl. The dress in the film is mostly flat and painted on and the doll recreates that, with accents that would traditionally be multi-dimensional becoming a flat print. Her hat and hair are quite exquisite and with all of the dolls, the hair contains so much product that it would be difficult to undo.

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My secret wish is that this is just wave one for Barbie Signature dolls inspired by Mary Poppins Returns. In particular, I would love to see a Mary Poppins and Jack doll dressed in their purple outfits from “A Cover is Not the Book.” C’mon, Mattel, make it happen!

This was the third Disney collaboration with Barbie Signature for 2018. Disney doll collectors can also pick up collectibles inspired by A Wrinkle in Time and The Nutcracker and the Four Realms.