Forever Disney Collection Adds Adorable Pixar-Themed Merchandise

shopDisney recently updated their Forever Disney collection, this time pulling from some beloved Pixar favorites. Featuring Toy Story, Ratatouille, and Monsters. Inc, these adorable additions capture all the fun and creativity of their films and help to round out any Disney collection.

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Pixar Fun

Show your business savvy side with these colorful pens for Pixar companies. The best part? Since these are totally fictional, you can imagine yourself in whatever high ranking position you’d like.

Toy Story

Whether you prefer to shop at Al’s Toy Barn or stop for a slice at Pizza Planet, you’ll love these clever nods to Pixar’s first film series (and the best at that too).

Al’s Toy Barn

Pizza Planet


It doesn’t matter who you are, if you are passionate about something, you can do it! The message of this film shows that even the most unconventional among us can do great things.

Monsters Inc.

The best place to dine in Monstropolis, is hands (and claws, paws, and tentacles) down Harryhausen’s. Inspired by the signature restaurant, Disney’s playful take on delicious bento boxes features sticky notes, socks, and even a Mike Wazowski box.