It’s no secret that Hulu has an ever-expanding library of incredible original programming for adults to enjoy. But, it’s also working on putting together a collection of original programming for children. Today, Hulu introduced its new children’s show The Bravest Knight.

The new animated series is based on the wildly popular children’s book by Daniel Errico The Bravest Knight Who Ever Lived and chronicles a young pumpkin farmer’s adventure as he attempts to become the bravest knight who ever lived.

Keep in mind, this is a kids’ show. So you’re not going to find the most compelling, complex stories you’ve ever seen. However, I actually found The Bravest Knight to be pretty enjoyable. It is obviously geared toward a very young audience and therefore doesn’t sneak any borderline adult humor into it like some other children’s shows, but the humor in it does feel pretty universal. In fact, as a ‘90s kid, I felt some Rugrats vibes from this series.

An over-arcing theme of this series, from what I gathered from the first two episodes, seems to be ‘acceptance.’ Without getting too into ideals or beliefs, I think most of us can agree that is something we need and something very positive to teach to a young audience.

The characters are all very different, and very likeable. Grunt the troll, voiced by Bobby Moynihan, is a particularly enjoyable character and one I feel children will really attach to.

The Bravest Knight also features a fantastic theme song written and performed by Grammy-nominated musician, songwriter and activist Justin Tranter. It’s sure to get stuck in your head after a couple of episodes.

Another thing I enjoyed about this series is the short run-time. Each episode runs about 12 minutes, which I would assume would be perfect for the attention span of a young child. Parents may want something to run a bit longer to hold their kids’ attention, but hey, there’s 13 episodes. Might as well run the whole series.

All 13 episodes of The Bravest Knight are available on Hulu now.