Toy Review: “Descendants 3” Dolls by Hasbro

Disney Channel’s highly anticipated original movie Descendants 3 premieres on August 2nd. Fans of the series can get an early look at the styles and fashions of the main characters through a new line of dolls from Hasbro. They were kind enough to send us a themed box of dolls from the line for review purposes.

We got four dolls in our review box: Dragon Queen Mal, Mal, Evie, and Celia. Mal and Evie are both featured in their signature looks from the film and Dragon Queen Mal made an appearance at the end of Descendants 2. Celia is a new character, the daughter of Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog.

Dragon Queen Mal

Dragon Queen Mal has a heart-shaped switch on her back that expands her wings, which feature a shimmery fabric that hangs down. The armature and fabric of the wings remind me of the Maleficent dragon in Fantasmic (the current version at Walt Disney World or the original Disneyland version). Dragon Queen Mal’s bodice is molded plastic, with her skirt as the only soft goods on the doll. It features a dragon that wraps around with green bubbles on the hem. The cowl is easily removable and her hair is a solid violet color.



Mal’s new look for Descendants 3 features lots of layers. While many of the accents are printed on the fabric, there is quite a lot of detail on this doll. The mid-section and knees feature black ripple rings and her arms have rubber sleeves with gaps at the elbows. Her purple boots feature metallic blue flames and the hair on this doll is blue with purple highlights. This doll is articulated at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, and knees.


Evie’s dress appears to be inspired by a deck of cards with a red, white, and black color scheme. She has added accents with her signature blue, most noticeably on the shoulders and leggings. The phrase “Evie’s 4 Hearts” is printed on the side of the skirt and back of the leggings. Her purple boots feature red accents and her hair is a solid blue. She features the same level of articulation as the standard Mal doll.


Celia instantly impresses with her big hair, which has a similar texture to Merida and Moana dolls from Hasbro, if you have either of those. Her plastic hat is on a headband that can be almost completely hidden under her hair. Her top is like a ringmaster jacket and the colors on her leggings are like neon patchwork. For some reason, she isn’t as articulated as the other dolls, with arms that only bend at the shoulder.

Final Thoughts

All of the dolls from Descendants 3 reflect the fashionable elements of each character and the dolls themselves are stylized, looking more like the animated web series than the live action actors. Dragon Queen Mal adds an action element to the line and kids will have fun with her expandable wings.

Alex Reif
Alex joined the Laughing Place team in 2014 and has been a lifelong Disney fan. His main beats for LP are Disney-branded movies, TV shows, books, music and toys. He recently became a member of the Television Critics Association (TCA).