Frozen 2 is finally here!!! The next time you’re in the checkout aisle, your kids might be drawn toward the Frozen 2: Official Movie Magazine from Topix Media Lab. It has three of their favorite characters on the cover and has a shiny bonus gift, an exclusive Wind Ribbon.

Being a top-selling feature in the $11.99 package, the Wand Ribbon is an Elsa shade of blue with a long white ribbon that features silhouettes of Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven, with leaf patterns between the silhouettes. The ribbon is very long, giving kids ample flare to dance with.

The magazine itself is more puzzle-based, like a Frozen 2 version of Highlights. It starts with brief character biographies that are easy to read before launching into games that vary in complexity. There are matching games, unconventional mazes, find and circle pages, color matching, a coloring version of connect-the-dots, word search, and even a few math problems and a memory game. Kids will use their love of Frozen 2 to challenge themselves and use some of the skills they’re learning in school.

Beyond the puzzles, the Frozen 2 Official Movie Magazine also includes a few crafts, including a board game and a wind vane that kids assemble using pages from the magazine and a few extra materials like cardboard and glue. It’s full of engaging games, puzzles, and crafts that will encourage kids to use their heads to help their Frozen friends complete their journey.

The Frozen 2 Official Movie Magazine is now available wherever magazines are sold.