Fantasy lovers and quest hunters of all ages won’t have to search far for epic jewelry inspired by Pixar’s new film Onward. This morning RockLove surprised fans and dropped their five-piece Onward collection that includes necklaces and a ring.

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Next week, Pixar fans can join brothers Barley and Ian Lightfoot as they head out to discover if there’s any magic left in the world. But before you join the adventure, why not take a side quest and do some shopping? RockLove has unveiled five new items in their collection inspired by the film that are both elegant and silly


Every good quest needs a sword, and this one will do the trick!


Remind your friends of your impressive skills as the master of all quests. If they ever question you, just flash your necklace and take charge!



A little tricky to see, but this necklace reads “Skull.” Yep, as in the home for your brain.  

Quest or Die

You’re not afraid to take on a challenge and you can proudly state that with this intense necklace.


Know your spells, know your mission, and just have fun!

Onward ventures into theaters on March 6th! Tickets are on sale now.