Magic has always played a big role in the Marvel Universe. Without it, we wouldn’t have half the characters we know and love today. But if you think about the existence of magic in a practical world, there has always been a need for education on the topic hasn’t there? Charles Xavier teaches young mutants about their powers and how to live with them. What about young magic-wielding beings who are having the same struggles?

That’s where the new series “Strange Academy” by writer Skottie Young comes in. Young people and various other creatures with the ability to wield some kind of magic are being given a new home and guidance on their otherworldly powers in this new series, and it is going to be a whole lot of fun.

The first issue of the new series kicks off by introducing us to Emily Bright, a young girl from Kansas who has had magical abilities since she was born. As is typically the case in these types of stories, he parents want to keep her powers a secret for fear that she would be taken from them.

The story opens with a letter Emily is writing to Doctor Strange, seeking guidance on how to handle her powers. Little does she know, Strange and some of the other magic-wielding heroes of the world (all the worlds actually) are opening a school for just that sort of thing.

Once we get to the Strange Academy, we are introduced to a wide variety of students who are eager to learn about their powers. Some of these characters, like Emily, have no ties to Marvel lore. Some of the others though. Well, think of it as Marvel meets Disney’s Descendants. Guslaug is a Frost Giant personally sent to the school by Loki, Zoe is the great-great-granddaughter of longtime Doctor Strange foe Marie Laveau and Doyle is the illegitimate child of none other than Dormammu himself! On top of that, you have a fairy named Shaylee, two Asgardians named Iric and Alvi, a kid named Calvin with an enchanted leather jacket, a demon from Limbo named Dessy, a half-Crystal Warrior and half-Man-Thing from Weirdworld named Toth and a kid named German with a special connection to animals. It’s quite a lineup.

You may be thinking “that sounds like a recipe for disaster, there’s no way the teachers at this school can keep all that power in check.” You would be wrong. Strange has assembled a who’s who of magical heroes to work at this school, including Doctor Voodoo, Hellstrom, Scarlet Witch and more. Of course, the very busy Doctor Strange himself will occasionally pop in once in a while as well.

“Strange Academy #1” has assembled an incredibly interesting cast of characters, even by Marvel Universe standards. There are so many complex characters with potential to do both great and horrifying things and it will be a lot of fun to see which direction they all choose to go.

Of course, even if they choose to do the right thing and even if the ones who sent them to this academy have pure intentions (looking at you, Loki), they still have some very difficult tasks ahead of them. Will they be up to the challenge? Will their teachers be up to the challenge? I can’t wait to find out.

“Strange Academy #1” is available now.