Moose Toys has been delighting generations of kids and we got to see what’s new and exciting at Toy Fair. Fans of the worldwide animated hit Bluey (now on Disney+) are in for a real treat with a full line of toys for every level of play. The Marvel Universe meets the Heroes of Goo Jit Zu, plus new and innovative toys like Squeakee the Balloon Dog and Oh! My GIF.


The hit Australian kids series Bluey can be seen on Disney Junior and Disney+ and Moose Toys has the exclusive license for an array of toys based on the series, hitting toy shelves this August.

Plush toys in varying sizes allow kids to hug and cuddle with Blue, Bingo, and their friends.

A board game called “Bluey: Shadowlands” allows parents and kids to have fun together while exploring Bluey’s world.

Two card games, “Bingo’s Bingo” and “Bluey: 5-in-1 Games” make it possible to have fun with Bluey anywhere you go.

Action figures and playsets add even more Bluey fun. Kids can collect all of Bluey’s family and friends, their home, car, playground, and even a few travel adventures.

Heroes of Goo Jit Zu: Marvel

The Marvel Universe is coming to the Heroes of Goo Jit Zu toy line this August. Heroes of Goo Jit Zu started last year and was a Toy of the Year finalist. These squishy action figures are full of different materials. Hulk, for example, is full of slimy green beans. It felt kind of like a Stretch Armstrong, but the transparent skin adds an extra “Wow” factor.

Heroes of Goo Jit Zu: Dino Power

Season 2 of Heroes of Goo Jit Zu are hitting shelves now with a line of water squirting figures based on sea creatures like sharks. This August, a new Dino Power collection adds prehistoric monsters to the collection.

Squeakee the Balloon Dog

What’s the coolest toy I saw at Moose Toys? That would have to be Squeakee, a robotic balloon dog. Robotic dogs have been a novelty toy since the early 2000’s, but I’ve never seen one with this level of functionality. He makes squeaky noises as he moves and can respond to audio commands like “Sit,” “Roll Over,” and “Play Dead.” Using the pin included, you can “Deflate” Squeakee by poking him on top of his back and reinflat him with a pump by placing it in the nozzle on his nose. This interactive toy will hit shelves in October and retails for $59.99.

Boom City Racers

Boom City Racers is a line of rip-cord cars that come in fireworks packaging with playsets that include ramps and motion triggered activities. When the cars crash, they break apart and reassemble easily. Single cars are $5.99 and the Fireworks Factory playset is $29.99, hitting shelves this June just in time for summer.

Really Rad Robots

Really Rad Robots are “Packed with attitude” and these remote controlled toys allow kids to pull pranks on their family and friends. Fart Bro comes out this August for $19.99 and as the name implies, makes a variety of fart sounds. Prank Bro joins the line in October for $54.99 and contains a variety of pranks, including a water squirting flower and a boxing arm.

Treasure X: Sunken Gold

Treasure X has new diggable offerings in 2020 including a Pirate-themed series called Sunken Gold. This time, sea creatures can be revealed by breaking through a lost bottle that contains a shark that can be dissected to reveal compounds containing a mystery figure and bonus items. There’s even the chance to find some real gold! There’s also a playset in the line, all of which comes out this August.

Oh! My GIF

This new blind-box collectable series is based on your favorite GIFs and memes, with more than 50 “GIFbits” to collect from six themes. Each figure features an action that can change their appearance and reset. There are also rare variant versions of some characters. This collection hits shelves in May with 1-Bit packs retailing for $4.99 and 3-Bit packs for $9.99.

Collins Key

Fans of YouTuber Collins Key can play through challenges with the new “Ultimate Food Challenge Game,” a mystery wheel game that gives them challenges with various compound substances. They’ll have to create the food item in the challenge before the timer runs out to win each round.

Next is a line of collectable mystery figures that come in boxes that include a compound substance fans have to dig through to reach the toy. The compounds can be used to create things and a playset allows them to conceal the boxes so they have to reach in and guess what’s inside without their sense of sight.

Lastly, fans can collect these domes full of compounds and instructions to make their own food, just like in the Collins Key YouTube videos. This offers some fun creative play that will make them feel like participants on the show. All of the Collins Key products will be released this fall.

I Dig… Monsters

This isn’t the freezer aisle, but kids will love these popsicle toys that reveal a monster figure named Monji in one of 28 different styles. They’ll have to chip away and dig through a cold compound that feels like a popsicle to find their prize. Try taking your figure to cold locations to watch it magically change colors. Coming this May for $9.99 each.

If Monji is too cute to handle, you can get a cuddle plush in one of two different colors for $19.99, which comes inside a giant popsicle and has another in his mouth with another monster figure inside it!

Shopkins: Real Littles

Shopkins: Real Littles series 2 launched in January and continues the recent trend of turning real food items into adorable Shopkins collectables. New in series 2 is a frozen foods aisle including Breyers ice cream, Marie Calenders’ pies, Popsicle brand popsicles, Ready Whip, and Eggo Waffles. Single blind packs retail for $3.99 with multi-packs for $9.99 and a Mini Mega Mart playset for $29.99.


Make your own custom jelly jewelry in just 15-minutes with Jellirez, coming this Fall. Kids mix two compounds and press it into molds. Add glitter and color to match your personal style and let it sit for 15-minutes. These flashy items can become hair clips, rings, and charms by pressing a connector into the back while they harden. Coming this October, Style-Mi Packs will cost $9.99 and Super StyleMi Packs will be $19.99.


The KindiKids doll series expands this August with Shiver and Shake Rainbow Kate, a sick child who needs kids to play doctor to take care of her. This doll is battery operated and has over 40 sounds, touch-point sensors, and accessories for $39.99, available this August.. Summer Peaches is the perfect friend to bring with you on a summer vacation and comes with fun accessories like a popsicle and a Shopkins friend for $19.99. Summer Peaches is available at the end of March.. Playsets and more themed dolls will also be added to the line later this year.

Little Live Pets

Scruff Surprise Vet Rescue!

Coming this June, Scruff Surprise Vet Rescue! Is a collectable line of figures that come in a small vet carrying case. Opening the case reveals a pet bed and a matted ball that unfolds to become a rescued pet that needs your care. Use the care sheet to figure out how to best treat your new friend by rubbing, applying water, or applying heat to a specific area. $4.99 for single packs, $9.99 for family packs and play sets.

Scruff-A-Luvs: Fantasy and Scented

The core Scruff-A-Luvs brand gets even more magical this August. A Fantasy collection includes three animals, each with purple iridescent wings that stick out from the matted ball they come in. Give them a wash to find out if you got a dragon, a unicorn, or a griffin. In the scented collection, each plush has rainbow fur and smells like strawberry, blueberry, or banana. The mystery animal could be a dog, a cat, or a pig. Each plush will retail for $19.99.

Gotta Go Flamingo

Gotta Go Flamingo does it all. It can sing, talk back to you, eat, and… poop! Coming this October, the Gotta Go Flamingo comes with special food that kids feed it. His neck twists around as he swallows and digests and shortly after, he’ll say “Uh Oh! Gotta Go!” Put him on his potty and watch as he expels his neon colored make. It’s a compound substance that can’t get wet and kids can use it again as his food the next time they want to play. The retail price will be $29.99.

Lil’ Bird, Lil Butterfly, Lil’ Turtle

True to the classic Little Live Pets brand, these creatures each have touch points that respond to a child’s interactions. New colors and styles are coming in three different animals. Lil’ Bird can sing and chat back and can even store a recorded message. Lil’ Butterfly flaps its wings on your finger and eats and charges on its flower base. Lil’ Turtle can crawl and swim, a great bathtub or pool toy. Each Little Live Pet will retail for $9.99 when they hit stores this August.

OMG Got Talent

This line of six talented puppies are squishy, with each dog having a unique style. They have 15 pre-recorded sounds and can also dance along to any music playing in the room. Coming this July for $9.99.

Loopy the Sloth

Sloths are a big deal right now and Loopy the Sloth is another fun Little Live Pets upcoming release. He can use his arms to turn around and can talk back to you.

Noodle Pup

Noodle Pup is an animated dog with shaggy noodle hair that feels like a Koosh ball. They can bark, walk, and dance along to music, shaking their floppy fur. Coming this August for $14.99.

Butterbow Dancing Unicorn

This unicorn responds to a child’s touch and can interact by dancing to music and being fed. Even more magical, she has a light up horn. Butterbow is now available for $9.99.

Cozy Dozys

The Cozy Dozys teddy bear came out last year and delighted parents by helping to teach kids about bedtime. The interactive bear features sounds and motions and can be soothed to sleep by giving him a pacifier and petting his belly. New this August is the Cozy Dozys Koala named Kip, retailing for $29.99.

There’s a lot of fun toys on the horizon from Moose Toys and it was fun seeing all of their amazing products at Toy Fair. Click here to see more of our Toy Fair 2020 coverage.