The biggest card game in the United Kingdom is now in North America and we got a chance to test it out at Toy Fair. It’s called Top Trumps and it’s somewhat similar to Uno in its play style, but with themed decks and a travel-friendly case with simple play rules, it’s easy to see why it’s been such a big hit internationally. Top Trumps is a perfect way to help kill some time and with themed decks, you can celebrate your favorite things while playing.

The card deck fits inside a nice plastic case that has a hinged handle that opens to slide your deck out. Deal out the cards to up to six players and shuffle them in your hand. The dealer goes first, looking at their top card and choosing from one of six categories, each with a numeric value. Once the stat is called, each player has to read off the number of that category and the player with the highest number takes all of the top cards from the other players. The game ends when one player holds the entire deck of 30 cards.

Since you don’t have to fan out your cards, it’s easy to play Top Trumps on the go, along with the travel friendly case that each deck comes in. Why are we, a Disney site, covering Top Trumps? Because they have a Disney license, of course! Branded packs include Disney, Star Wars, Toy Story, and Marvel, but there are also non-licensed educational packs that can teach kids about other countries, cities, animals, and dinosaurs.

We were given a free deck to sample and the Marvel Top Trumps helped us pass the time on our flight home from Toy Fair. It really is fun for all ages. Collecting multiple themed packs? Top Trumps has a nice promotion where each deck comes with a bonus barcode card. Collect five of these and redeem them online for a free deck!

Top Trumps also makes a 500 Questions Disney Trivia game, which also comes in a travel-friendly plastic case. Each card has multiple questions on the same theme. For example, the card might be all about Sleeping Beauty with several questions about the film, such as “What did the three fairies name Aurora to keep her identity a secret?” And “Why were Maleficent’s henchmen unable to find Aurora?”

There’s also Top Trumps Match, a vertical board with character cubes that fit inside. Draw a card and try to get up to five matches in a row to win the game. This comes in themed editions including Disney Princess and Marvel Avengers, and Toy Story 4.

We loved learning about Top Trumps, the hottest card game from the United Kingdom, which is finally available stateside. With Disney and Marvel themed decks and additional games, we highly recommend checking out these portable games to help pass the time. Click here to ensure you don’t miss any of our great finds from Toy Fair 2020.



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