Toy Fair 2020: Spin Master (Marvel United, Titanic: The Game, Disney Pool Toys, and More!)

If you’re a parent, then the name Spin Master probably means a lot to you. After all, this is the company that unleashed Hatchimals on the world a few years ago, an unexpected massive hit and became the “Tickle Me Elmo” of the Tens. We stopped by Spin Master at Toy Fair this year to take a look at all of their licensed products from Disney brands, as well as the latest and greatest original toys from the masterminds that brought you Hatchimals.

Marvel United

From Spin Master Games, Marvel United started as a Kickstarter project that met its goal in an unprecedentedly short amount of time, around 30-minutes to get funded. With over 13,000 backers, the game has sold more than $1 million worth before it even hits the market. The game allows Marvel fans to become their favorite heroes, uniting to take down enemies. Play through themed areas on cards with stylized sculpted pawns to try and defeat some of the greatest threats to their universe in all of Marvel history.

Titanic: The Game

Based on 20th Century Studios’ Titanic by James Cameron, Titanic: The Game recreates the sinking of the ship with characters from the film. Starting on the bottom level of the ship, players have to work their way to the top to get off the ship, but as the game is played the ship can break apart and sections can become blocked by flooded water. Find the Heart of the Ocean before you escape for a special bonus.

Minnie Mouse Bownanza Extravaganza

This kid-friendly matching game pairs their love of Minnie Mouse and her signature bow with matching skills. Use a deck of cards to reveal two bows that must be matched to win the card. Then flip over the polka dot bows to try and find the two that match. The game is stored in a Minnie Mouse purse that also acts as a spinner.

Frozen Frantic Forest

Based on characters from the world of Frozen, this game has players playing around a snowy tree with hooks. As you play through the game board, you get to add snowflakes that weigh down the sections. Be the player that adds the last snowflake to make the sections heavy enough to spread apart to win the game and send Olaf flying into the air.

Frozen 2 Frosted Fishing

This game puts a twist on the classic spinning fishing game. Using fishing poles, the rotating base is only partially revealed, with ice blocking parts of it. And you’re not trying to catch fish, but elemental crystals front the Enchanted Forest.

Frozen 2 Snowflake Catch

Kids put on Olaf headbands while another player tosses rings in the air. Catch the rings around Olaf’s stick hair to win the game.

Toy Story 4 Trash Bin Bonanza

Like the Oscar nominated song, Woody can’t let Forky throw himself away and now neither can you! Stop all of the Forky figures from jumping in the trash to win this fun game.

Alien Fishing Game

Use the claw to rescue all of the Little Green Men from the space ship prize machine to relive this iconic moment from the Toy Story films. They’ll all be “Eternally grateful.”

Family Feud: Disney and Bachelorette Editions

The board game of Family Feud has had Disney editions in the past and gets a 2020 refresh to include some of the most recent films like Frozen 2 and the live-action The Lion King. ABC’s The Bachelorette also adds a new level of fun to the game with an app enabled element in the Bachelorette Party Edition.

Swimways Pool Toys and Floats

Swimways has been bringing Disney branded fun to pools for a few years now. My favorite item is the inflatable Mickey Mouse drink holders. New toys include a Slinky Dog water pump gun and Marvel dive rings that include Black Panther.

Kids floating vests get upgraded with character themes like Iron Man and Jessie. And Disney themed boogie boards and Ariel’s flippers add even more fun to pool time.

This year’s new pool float is a Star Wars X-Wing, an eye popping float that kids and adults alike will delight in.

MarshMallow Kids Funiture

Kid-sized couches and lounge chairs themed to Disney and Marvel characters are a fun way to spruce up a play area. These are the perfect little corner chair for kids who love to read.

Etch A Sketch 60th Anniversary

Etch A Sketch is not just a character from Toy Story but also a beloved activity that celebrates it’s diamond anniversary this year. A special diamond edition Etch A Sketch is a limited edition just for this year.

Smaller themed editions also continue the celebration, including a Stan Lee Etch A Sketch.

Retro packaging is not only a throwback, but includes jokes about how tablets have changed over the six decades.

And the latest Etch A Sketch advancement is a new round mini edition that allows you to rotate to create perfect circles in addition to straight lines.

Kinetic Sand

Kinetic Sand becomes even more creative this year with scented sands that include fruits and desserts. The fun of playing with Kinetic Sand is now portable with Sand SqueezMeez, plush characters filled with Kinetic Sand.

For people who love watching Kinetic Sand get cut on YouTube, a new activity kit called Sandwhirlz is for you. It includes a tube that you can pack Kinetic Sand through and six different shaped tops that make it come out in mesmerizing ways.

Spin Master knows that adults love Kinetic Sand too and have a new product just for them, Kinetic Sand Kalm. This elegant looking trey is perfect for an office desk and includes several tools to make beautiful designs, as well as a sand cutting tool.

Erector by Meccano

Remember Erector sets? They’re still around and they’re part of Spin Master! Innovation Sets are part of the classic line of metal pieces that feature new ways to build, including a set that incorporates recycled single-use household objects. Multi-Models are kits that create one specific build, kind of like a LEGO set, and include some licensed vehicles like John Deer tractors and Ducati bikes. For younger kids, the Discovery brand includes removable parts, but are made of plastic and are easy to assemble, with bigger parts that lay a strong foundation for transitioning to traditional Erector kits when they’re older.

Monster Jam

Like the Feld Entertainment traveling show, Spin Master has some fun Monster Jam toys coming your way. The highlight is the Megalodon Storm, which can drive on all terrains, including on water. We got to see a live demo of it transitioning from carpet to water, turning around on a liquid surface, and driving back to carpet. Any kid who loves cars is going to want one, whether they’re a Monster Jam fan or not.


Inspired by Gremlins, this interactive wild creatures love watching video content and can clip onto anything. They react and interact with the shows and videos you watch, but also interact with each other. If one starts laughing maniacally, they all start laughing maniacally. They probably won’t change if you feed them after midnight or get them wet, but all the same, we don’t recommend doing it.

Hatchimals Pixies Crystal Flyers

The newest exciting thing from Hatchimals are these Pixies Crystal Fliers. They come in gem cases that kids open to find out which pixie they got. Charge them up to activate their flight and use the palm of your hand to determine where they fly and how high they go. We got to see a live-demo of a Hatchimals Pixies Crystal Flyer in flight and it was incredible.

Hatchimals Pixies Riders

A smaller, more collectable line of toys pairs pixies with a winged animal, including a panda, in blind-box packaging for an extra element of surprise. There are ten pixies and animals to collect and dip the figures in water to watch their wings change colors.

Cool Maker

Kids can create some incredible nail art with non-toxic gel paint with the Cool Maker Nail Salon. The previous iteration won awards and the new model includes a dryer.

Hollywood Hair allows kids to color on ribbon before splitting the strands in a machine that transforms them into hair clips that will match the trendy styles of their favorite celebrities. Accessory packs allow them to make buns or hair headbands as well.

As you can see, there are a lot of incredible products coming this spring and fall from Spin Master, including some Disney licensed items and more home-grown items. We’re really excited for the games, but the Hatchimals Pixies Crystal Fliers seem like they’re going to be one of the “It toys” this holiday season.

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