Quiz: Name the Disney California Adventure Based on One Line

Think you’re an expert on Disney California Adventure attractions? Let’s find out. Can you guess which DCA attraction each of these lines are from? (Hint: Some of them may be from attractions that are no longer there).

There's a collect call for you. It's your new agent.

Narration at the start of the ride

Mama says carrots are good for my eyes

Of course I escaped

Said by Rocket in the pre-show

Rolled me up and down like a yo-yo

Said by the monster being interviewed

Who did that?! Who did that?!

Said by Donald after the flute hits him in the head

Radiator Springs is the rockinest place to stay

A lyric in one of the songs

We're all visitors on this planet

Said by Fillmore

Nice work pal!

In the pre-show video

Of course, sometimes I get a little confounded and confabralated

Said by Scuttle

Sorry that got a little crazy. Babies can be unpredictable.

Said by Mrs. Incredible at the end of the ride

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