The next stop in our Toy Fair coverage is Jazwares, parent company of Zag who make Domez. We took a look at their line of upcoming Disney and Marvel Domez, as well as some of the other great products they have to offer from some recognizable brands.

No photos were allowed in the Domez section, but we got to see a new line of bigger Marvel figures from the brand that are out of the dome and link up to create a whole scene. Think the Avengers with their backs to each other forming an iconic circle, for example. The brand seems to be focusing on the Avengers and X-Men for its launch.

From the classic Domez brand, we saw figures from Pixar’s Onward and fans can expect more figures from The Nightmare Before Christmas, among others.

Pokémon the series is currently airing on Disney XD and streaming on Disney Now. Jazwares has a line of adorable plush, but the really cool new item is a carry case playset that becomes a backpack and opens to reveal a battle arena for Pokémon figures. Kids can collect figures and Pokeballs in a comparable line of figures.

Micro Machines are a memorable toy from my childhood and the dormant brand returns in 2020 with a new wave of play sets this fall, including a new car wash. But the coolest new toy in the line is the Super Van to Super City Playset with action zones and rising skyscrapers.

Cuddle time gets even easier with a new line of plush called Hug-a-Pet. These large stuffed animals have a hand cozy and you can loop boats arms through to embrace them in a long cuddle.

Jazwares is now the worldwide distributor for Squishmallows by Kellytoys and they showcased some of the new plush from the collection, like the sleeping cat plush you can lay on. My favorites are the hombre mane lion, the black and white dog with a bandana, and all of the dinosaurs.

Cabbage Patch Kids are an evergreen toy line that will soon include small collectable figures called Cuties and a new Scrubby Time bath toy line. Kids who love bay toys will love the Newborns, each including a bottle. And a new Fun in the Sand and Sun line is great for beachside vacations.

The original Cabbage Patch Kids are also going strong, with a new doll inspired by bow wearing Jo Jo Sewa coming this year. Her bows may not be as iconic as Minnie Mouse’s, but they’re everything to a lot of kids.

We had fun checking out all that Jazwares had to offer this year. To see the rest of our Toy Fair coverage, click here.