Quiz: The Haunted Mansion (Disney Trivia Live!)

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On May 19th, we did two contests live. The first was one requested by multiple players – the Haunted Mansion. Like many others, this was written by 11 year old Gideon Moseley. Play it here:

Which of these parks have a version of the Haunted Mansion?

What year did the Haunted Mansion open at Disneyland?

At Disneyland, who voiced the guy in the coffin saying "Let Me Outta Here"?

What year did Haunted Mansion Holiday open at Disneyland?

What year did the Haunted Mansion open at Disney World?

What is the name of the Haunted Mansion in Paris?

The Tokyo Disneyland Haunted Mansion has the Nightmare Before Christmas overlay

What room is this?

How did Goerge die in the Stretching Room picture of the woman on the grave?

How many singing busts are there in Disneyland Paris?

How did you do? Share and let your friends know.

“Inspired” by host Doobie’s rapping of Hamilton during the last show, Longtime Laughing Place contributor Kaz Liput wrote a Haunted Mansion themed parody of the Hamilton song “The Room Where It Happens”

Four nice portraits on the walls as you walk into a room

Diametrically opposed, those.

Then you merge as you realize there are no more doors

and the room is now enclosed.


The gallery is moving with unprecedented spiritual power

A spectre who can stretch as far as he wants

At the bottom you emerge with the ghost host cackling

And here’s the piece de resistance

Happy haunts were in

The tomb where it happened

The tomb where it happened

The tomb where it happened

Happy haunts were in

The tomb where it happened

The tomb where it happened

The tomb where it happened

All the ghosties know when a guest has strayed

The art of the trade

How the thousandth gets made

Jump in a doom buggy, strap in

‘cause all the haunts are in

The tomb where it happens

There’s a flame –

A candleabra is floating through the air down a long hallway,  

In distress, ‘n disarray

Ghost Host  claims

Every room has wall to wall creeps

And hot and cold running chills

Leota claims:

Goblins and ghoulies from last Halloween, awaken the spirits with your tambourine!

Ghost Host claims:

Well, I arranged the meeting

A hitchiking ghost

Is beside you in your seating


Grinning ghosts were in the tomb where it happened.

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