Disney+ rolled out a few surprises this week. Two library additions scheduled for later this month came a few weeks early, with Schoolhouse Rock and Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief hitting the service early. A large collection of National Geographic series and specials are added, including two perfect for families and kids, Weird but True! and Howie Mandel’s Animals Doing Things. This week also includes new episodes of the monthly originals, Disney Insider and Pixar in Real Life, plus the season finale of Be Our Chef. Don’t ignore our library highlights this week with some big anniversaries, including the 70th birthday of Daisy Duck! Whatever you choose to watch, we hope you have a magical week on Disney+!

New Exclusives

Disney Insider – “Artemis Adventure, Taste of Disney, Runaway Railway”

“Eoin Colfer’s Artemis Fowl adventure. Inside the Flavor Lab kitchen. A Mickey and Minnie first.”

Pixar in Real Life – “The Incredibles: New York City Dash”

Dash asks New Yorkers to time his run around the block, surprising them with his incredible speed.”

It’s a Dog’s Life with Bill Farmer – “Disaster Rescue Dogs & A Dog Mayor”

“Bill meets dogs who rescue people in disasters. Then, he visits a dog who is the Mayor of his town.”

Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian – “Visualization”

“Much like the original trilogy, The Mandalorian drew influences from both Western and Samurai films. We delve deeper into those influences and discuss how emulating those genres inspired the show.”

Be Our Chef – “The Spectacular” (Season Finale)

“In The Spectacular Finale of Be Our Chef two of our families face-off in the final rematch! The families must draw inspiration from their favorite Disney film to create a spectacular treat that could be served in the Disney Parks. But they won’t be making just one – they will need to make 24! One family takes inspiration from Beauty and the Beast to create a colorful dessert. Another family creates a treat inspired by a suggestion from Genie in Aladdin. Mickey Mouse joins in the fun of the Garden Game to show the families how to flip pancakes. They’ll have to catch on quickly if they want to win the Magic Spoon and use the kitchen advantage. The Disney Cruise Line Vacation is on the line and these families will have to impress a lot of people to win the grand prize. They will be judged by some of Disney’s finest chefs – Chef Amanda, Chef Daniel, Chef Douglas, Chef Gregg, and Chef Jean-Marie. It all comes down to this. Who will be the very first winner of Be Our Chef?”

One Day at Disney Shorts – “George Montano: Plasterer”

“Disneyland Resort Plasterer George Montano provides a first-hand historical look into the construction of Disney Park’s top attractions. Having spent over 50 years at Disney, George continues his father’s legacy of creating and preserving a magical experience for Park guests of all ages.”

Disney Family Sundays – “101 Dalmatians Onesie”

“The Gubaney family and Amber get to work on a 101 Dalmatians-inspired project.”

New on Disney+

Schoolhouse Rock

The first season of ABC’s educational musical short series arrives ahead of schedule on Disney+.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

The first of two films based on the Rick Riordian book series returns to Disney+.

Alaska’s Grizzly Gauntlet

Survivalist Les Stroud travels to Kodiak Island, Alaska to learn the secrets of the survival of Brown Bears.

America’s Greatest Animals

This 2012 Nat Geo WILD Documentary narrows down the top five animals in America to rival Africa’s “Big five.”

Chasing the Equinox

Multiple ancient civilizations around the world built temples that would perfectly align with the sun on the same day of the year, documented in this National Geographic feature.

Howie Mandel’s Animals Doing Things

Nat Geo WILD’s answer to America’s Funniest Home Videos features host Howie Mandel introducing clips of animals sent in by viewers.

Japan: Between Earth and Sky

This three-part series showcases a side of Japan many have never seen, with stunning 4K footage filmed across the island nation during all four seasons.

Secrets of Wild India

Explore the wild animals that live in the shadows of the Himalayan Mountains in this Nat Geo WILD series.

The Greeks

Historians, archaeologists, actors, athletes, scientists, and artists dive into an exploration of Greek history.

Weird but True!

A Nat Geo Kids short-form series, Weird but True! is full of fun, animated facts about the world.

Wild Hawaii

Get to know some of Hawaii’s truest locals, animals like sea turtles, climbing fish, and spiders that smile.

Women of Impact: Changing the World

Meet some of the world’s most influential women in this National Geographic documentary special.

Library Highlights

70th Anniversary – Mr. Duck Steps Out

Daisy Duck made her official debut on June 7th, 1940, in this classic Donald Duck short.

60th Anniversary – The Sign of Zorro

This feature film was first released in Europe in 1958, repackaging the first eight episodes of the Disney TV series Zorro into a feature-length adventure. It made its US debut on June 11th, 1960.

20th Anniversary – For the Birds

Pixar’s Oscar-winning short premiered on June 5th, 2000, at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival in France. It went on to play in theaters in 2001 attached to Monsters, Inc.

15th Anniversary – Go Figure

A figure skater in need of scholarship joins the hockey team in this Disney Channel Original Movie that premiered on June 10th, 2005.

This Week’s Holidays

Every day’s a holiday and you can celebrate all of them on Disney+!

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