“And now for something completely different,” to quote Monty Python. It’s the fourth day of Hulu’s British Binge-Cation and today’s new series from Great Britain strikes a different tone from the first three shows in the collection. This half-hour dramedy tells a coming-of-age story set in unusual circumstances.

Everything Bethan’s friends know about her life outside of school is a lie. Her father’s an alcoholic and her mother is suffering from mental illness. From trying to deal with high school popularity contests to battling bullies, it would take a lot for her life to get more complicated than it already is.

The series recently picked up the BAFTA Cymru award for Best Drama Series and its star, Gabrielle Creevy, won Best Actress as well. In My Skin finds bits of comedy in the situations Bethan finds herself in, keeping from getting too weighed down with drama while still giving viewers a lot to think about. It’s not your typical drama, nor your typical comedy, and for that, it’s quite refreshing.

All five episodes of In My Skin are now streaming in the US on Hulu.

Check back every day this week to see what the next stop in Hulu’s British Binge-Cation will be.

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