Disney+ is taking subscribers to camp and back to school all at the same time this week. The long-delayed comedy film Magic Camp has finally been released as a Disney+ exclusive and we’re celebrating in our “Library Highlights” section with a list of summer camp-themed movies and shows. National Geographic Kids Weird But True kicks off its third season as a Disney+ Original and 4 other Nat Geo Kids programs join the library this week, perfect for parents trying to educate at home. Speaking of library additions, some big films join Disney+ this week including Marvel’s Ant-Man and the Wasp, 20th Century’s The Greatest Showman, and Disney Channel’s Zombies 2. Whatever you choose to stream this week, we hope it’s magical.

New Exclusives

Magic Camp

“A group of misfit campers help a down-on-his-luck magician rediscover his love of magic in Disney’s “Magic Camp,” a heartwarming comedy about finding joy and confidence in self-acceptance.”

Weird But True – “Dinosaurs”

“Hosts Charlie Engelman and Carly Ciarrocchi don’t have tickets to their favorite actress’ movie premiere, but somehow their friends do. Charlie and Carly’s quest to get to the Alabama Cones premiere takes them on a fascinating journey to Dinosaur National Monument. There, they hatch a plan with a paleontologist to “dig up” the dough.”

Muppets Now – “Getting Testy”

“Joe, the new legal counsel for The Muppets, interrupts the scheduled delivery of Muppets Now to announce that all streaming content must be vetted by a focus group. Things go from bad to worse when Scooter meets up with the assigned test audience – curmudgeonly critics Statler & Waldorf. The Swedish Chef collaborates with Chef Roy Choi as the two try to make a one-of-kind kalbi bowl. Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and his assistant, Beaker, enlist a Pizza Delivery Person (Al Madrigal) to explore velocity. Miss Piggy and her guests, Linda Cardellini and Taye Diggs, dig deep into the workings of a healthy relationship. Pepe The King Prawn’s unbelievable game show features new contestants, new challenges, new rules, and no planning at all. Media Kit.”

One Day at Disney Shorts – “Pavan Komkai: Broadcast Engineer”

“Manager of Broadcast Engineering at Disney Streaming Services, Pavan “Billy” Komkai explains the unique process of broadcasting live sports on ESPN+ for fans around the world. No matter the time of day or the location of the event, Disney’s Streaming Services team provides viewers with high-quality coverage of diverse sporting events every day”

New on Disney+

Ant-Man and the Wasp

Scott Lang and Hope Van Dyne suit up to take on a new foe in this exciting Marvel Studios blockbuster.

The Greatest Showman

Hugh Jackman stars as P.T. Barnum in this splashy musical retelling of the circus pioneer from 20th Century Studios.

Zombies 2

Werewolves crash Seabrook High in this musical Disney Channel Original Movie sequel.

T.O.T.S. (S1)

The Tiny Ones Transport Service (T.O.T.S.) delivers baby animals to new parents courtesy of new flyers Pip and Freddy.

T.O.T.S. Calling all T.O.T.S. (S1)

The Disney Junior series also inspired a short interstitial series, which joins the first season on Disney+.

Alaska Animal Rescue (S1)

National Geographic follows three animal rehabilitation centers in Alaska as they care for animals by land, sea, and sky.

India’s Wild Leopards

The secret life of India’s leopards are explored in this National Geographic documentary.

Jungle Animal Rescue (S1)

Vets work hard to help people and animals live in harmony in India where they rescue jungle animals living on the border of human civilization.

Nature Boom Time (S1)

Charlie, Kirby, and Patrick from Weird but True! host this short-form Nat Geo Kids series.

Sam’s Zookeeper Challenge (S1)

Sam tries her hand at being a zookeeper in this Nat Geo Kids short series with a different animal in each episode.

Scuba Sam’s World (S1)

Sam teaches kids about different sea animals in this short series.

Spaced Out (S1)

Nat Geo Kids explores some cool space topics in this short-form series.

Wild Cats of India (S1)

This National Geographic series was two years in the making, documenting how exotic wild cats survive on the outskirts of human civilization in India.

Library Highlights

65th Anniversary – Bearly Asleep

Humphrey the Bear and Donald Duck go head-to-head in this classic short that premiered on August 19th, 1955.

20th Anniversary – Quints

Only child Jamie’s life was turned upside down when her mother gave birth to quintuplets in this DCOM that premiered August 18th, 2000.

15th Anniversary – The Proud Family Movie

The Proud’s celebrated Penny’s 16th birthday with an adventurous vacation 15 years ago when this DCOM premiered on August 19th, 2005.

15th Anniversary – Valiant

The voices of Ewen McGregor, Ricky Gervais, Tim Curry, Hugh Laurie, and John Cleese took flight 15 years ago in this British animated film that premiered on August 19th, 2005.

Summer Camp on Disney+

Celebrate the premiere of Magic Camp with these other summer camp themed programs on Disney+.

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