Flashback: Golden Screams Halloween Show at Disney’s California Adventure

Did this really happen??? Flashback to Disney’s California Adventure – 2006. Before Little Mermaid, there was the film Golden Dreams about the history of California starring Whoopi Goldberg. And in 2006, Disney decided to try something different in that theater: Golden Screams. Here’s our original 2006 article on that Halloween happening.

Golden Screams is an "award show" for the best scream from a classic Disney Villain. It performs five times a day in the Golden Dreams theater. Guests are seated, and then meet host Upton O'Good. He introduces a medley of film clips of Disney villains, then narrows the nominees to six: Queen of Hearts, Captain Hook, Stromboli, Madame Medusa, the old hag, and Maleficent. The audience votes on their favorite, and the Magic Mirror tabulates the results. Surprise! A new scream has been heard from, and a child from the audience is declared the winner. As the child is brought to the front of the theater, Captain Hook enters to protest. But the Magic Mirror's judgement prevails, and the child is declared an honorary villain and presented with an exclusive "Golden Screams" button.