Big Hero 6: The Series – “Big Hero Battle” and “Go Go The Wooweroo”

Arguably filled with some of the finest music in the series, this episode features some K-Pop superstars and Go Go Herself crooning some science lessons to kids, possibly adding a new layer to Go Go in this third season of Big Hero 6: The Series

Big Hero Battle

The premise of this episode is pretty simple, and seemingly serves to show off the guest stars for this entry into the series. During a run-in between Big Hero 6 and Baron Von Steamer on the San Fransokyo Bridge, a dragon robot piloted by Boy Band sensation 4 2 Sing shows up, much to the enjoyment of Wasabi.

After Big Hero 6 knocks the dragon into Von Steamer and his bot, 4 2 Sing (A boy band composed of two sets of twins) comes out of their dragon and performs a number before challenging Big Hero 6 to a “superhero-off”.

Big Hero 6 stops all the crimes and 4 2 Sing takes all the credit. The bulk of the episode features music from the guest stars in a montage sequence before a climactic battle wherein Baron Von Steamer returns and hijacks 4 2 Sing’s Dragon robot that happens to be filled with glitter.  4 2 Sing takes the credit for saving the day again and publicly says “You’re welcome” to Big Hero 6 and thanks them for making good sidekicks. Wasabi joins the band on stage for the musical number as the rest of a dejected Big Hero 6 leaves.

The episode really highlights their aforementioned guest stars, K-pop stars Nichkhun Horvejkul (“2PM”) as twins Dae and Hyun-Ki,and Jae Park (“DAY6”) as twins Kwang-Sun and Ye Joon, the other half of boy band 4 2 Sing.

Go Go the Wooweroo

Dr. Wower was hosting her educational kids television show when a balloon popped behind her with the menacing note, “I want your brain.” Obviously feeling threatened, Dr. Wower sought the help of Big Hero 6, and Go Go reluctantly goes undercover as Dr. Wower’s sidekick, Chelsea Cheery.

While Go Go is undercover, Hiro goes through Basemax’s villains database and is left without options. Supersonic Stu is spotted on security footage, leading Hiro and Baymax to believe that he is the culprit behind the menacing note. Turns out, Stu is just sneaking into the group so he can become the science genius that Nana thinks he is.

While undercover and helping teach the kids, Go Go sings a song about Dark Matter on Dr. Wower’s show, which I personally hope will be available on Spotify or some kind of streaming service soon. Go Go has a hard time being “happy” and entertaining the kids, but she eventually comes around with more positive songs and joins the woweroos for more fun in the class setting.

Since the beginning of the episode there was a “strange” kid in the show who takes a liking to the bulk of the lessons, including the new ones introduced by an undercover Go Go, including a complete lesson in electromagnetic levitation with a formula that the kid wants a temporary tattoo of.

The creepy kid admits that he just wanted to be as smart as Dr. Wower, with another menacing note that reads “This is the end.” Go Go clarifies that he means the end of the notes, as the kid comes clean and says that Go Go was the one that inspired him since he finds talking to people annoying, and he wants Go Go’s brain now too.

Baymax and Hiro show up just in time to witness Go Go hugging the child, which Baymax (and probably the audience too) don’t know how to comprehend.

This episode of Big Hero 6: The Series is now available on the DisneyNOW App.

Tony Betti
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