Big Hero 6: The Series – “The New Nega-Globby” and “De-Based”

Leave it to a show that heavily features rogue tech to finally address what could possibly happen when you open an email from an unknown sender, as that’s the base plot of one half of the latest episode of Big Hero 6: The Series

The New Nega-Globby

Globby is having nightmares about being trapped in the Glop-Vac, shunning his roommate to the Sofa/Couch. He and Honey Lemon feel guilty about trapping Nega-Globby in the Glop-Vac and try to convince the team that they should let him out. They decided that they could give him a synthetic brain and stabilized personality chip and release Nega-Globby.

The team is ready to release Nega-Globby and install his new brain and chip when, of course, he gets started on a rampage when Honey Lemon is able to get the sparkly new brain inside Nega Globby. Seemingly on a rampage still, Nega Globby calms down and takes on the new personality.

As he is with the team, he becomes a know-it-all, correcting the team at every turn, especially whenever someone says “ATM Machine.” Go Go suggests the Glop Vac again but the team disagrees and Nega-Globby realizes hes not wanted there and is unleashed on the town.

As the population doesn’t accept Nega-Globby’s critiques he grows increasingly annoyed until he finally snaps when he hears someone say “ATM Machine” again.

Terrorizing the town, with one poor bystander who wears socks with sandals becoming a primary target, Nega-Globby unleashes until Big Hero 6 arrives on scene to save the day and tries to put Nega Globby back in the Glop-Vac. Fred has a suggestion, and we see Nega-Globby and Richardson arguing with each other at the comic shop counter.


When Fred is trying to get in touch with the rest of Big Hero 6, he has Basemax try and contact the team to no avail. When he thinks that maybe they’re responding to him via email, he has Basemax retrieve the one unread message, an email from the “Queen of Spamibia.”

Against Hiro’s advice, Fred has Basemax open the email and the system is immediately corrupted with a computer virus and takes on a mind of her own as the Queen of Spamibia. As all the other tech in the base comes to life, threatening Hiro, Fred, and Mini-Max, Baymax is left behind to entertain the queen.

Baymax himself becomes infected with the virus and is now programmed to aid the Queen as the sorcerer of Spamibia, also infecting Mini-Max as his Sorcerer’s Apprentice/

Hiro realizes that they need to get to the factory floor to power the whole system down when the training bots are activated and set out to stop them, but it’s okay because the rest of the team showed up just in time, knowing they were in trouble because they stopped getting annoying texts from Fred every five minutes.

A giant piece of tech rises from the Fredrickson factory with the infected Baymax and Mini-Max controlling an army of training bots. Go Go helps Hiro get back inside the factory before Basemax calls treachery and set their sights on the rest of the team. Hiro finally makes it to the main system controls and is taunted with a control panel where the buttons keep changing.

It’s Fred who stumbles in with some dumb luck that trips and falls and hits his head on the proper control button that gets the system to power down and reboot, and though he tries to play it off like it was intentional, the rest of the team (Namely Go Go) knows that it was pure luck. Either way, it was all for not because as the episode closed, we see Fred get another anonymous message that he opens that contains malware, perhaps we’ll see how that plays out in a later episode.

The latest episode is now streaming on the DisneyNow app.


Tony Betti
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