Marvel has a lot of iconic characters whose stories you can pick up and read or watch on TV in a blockbuster film or animated series. But there are also thousands of characters who aren’t nearly as famous, like a certain group young super-powered siblings with a very coincidental last name.

The Power Pack is back in their own brand new series, tying into the ongoing crossover “Outlawed” story arc. With uneraged vigilantism recently being deemed illegal, young heroes around the country are being rounded up. How will that affect the family of young superheroes known as the Power Pack?

It’s been years since Alex, Julie, Jack and Katie Power got there… um… powers, and now the youngest of the group is aching to tell their parents about it. Alex and Julie know better though because, as every superhero knows, the more people who know their secret identities, the more trouble can come looking for them.

So, instead of breaking some pretty world-shattering news, the group seems content to just enjoy a family meal. But we, as comic readers, know better than that, don’t we? When they hear about one of their old enemies terrorizing an orphanage, the Power Pack decided to leap into action.

Fighting bad guys is no problem. That’s what the Power Pack does. But what happens when it’s not bad guys that are out to get them. With Kamala’s Law now in full effect and superheroes under the age of 21 being outlawed, the Power Pack now has a very different problem on their hands.

“Power Pack #1” is easily one of the funniest comics you’ll ever read. The characters are so wildly entertaining and goofy, you can’t help but smile and, in some instances, really laugh out loud. The best comparison for this story would be the Fantastic Four, but a more light-hearted and humorous version. Plus, it opens with a comic Katie drew herself, which is pure gold.

This comic also does a great job of introducing the characters providing their backstory without diving too deep into exposition. You can easily pick up this issue without ever having heard of the Power Pack before and completely understand what’s going on. And you’ll most likely end wanting to go back and read a whole bunch of their previous stories afterward.

There isn’t a while lot of action in this issue, because that’s simply not what the story is about. This is more of an introduction to the characters and their new situation, as opposed to your classic butt-kicking romp. So if you’re looking for a whole lot of ‘BAM’ and ‘Pow’ in your comics, this may not be the issue for you.

It does however provide plenty of other entertainment (like the aforementioned laughs) and some really great artwork. Plus, you do get a pretty brief fight with a less-than-typical supervillain, and that’s always fun. It does feel however like the real action is still to come, as the Power Pack now find themselves right in the middle of this controversial young superhero movement.

“Power Pack #1” is available now.