Wanda and Vision are back again for another sitcom adventure in the second episode of WandaVision on Disney+. The second episode moves ahead into more of a 60s theme while still continuing the same linear story of the previous episode.

The episode opens with the couple asleep in their separate beds when a loud sound startles Wanda awake. Vision checks the window to see what caused it and assures Wanda there is nothing to worry about before the sound scares Vision back into his bed. Vision points out that his coworkers were talking about some suspicious individuals in town and Wanda insinuates that they were talking about them. As Vision cowers in his bed, Wanda eventually discovers that the cause of the sound was a branch hitting the side of their house because of the wind.

We then get a new animated introduction and theme song that fits the 60s time period. As the episode starts up again, we see Vision practicing a magic routine that we later learn is for a talent show fundraiser. Wanda serves as his assistant who he makes disappear. As Vision worries about their routine, Wanda explains that she just wants this to serve as a way to fit in with their neighbors.

Wanda explains that she is heading to a planning committee meeting while Vision is off to a meeting of the town watch. In the next scene, Wanda hears a crash in her front yard and goes to investigate. She finds a toy helicopter crashed in a bush but curiously, the toy is bright red and yellow when everything to this point has been black and white. She stares at it confused before Agnes startles her by saying “look, it’s the star of the show!” It appears that Wanda is taken aback even more by this greeting, hinting that she is aware she’s in a television show.

Agnes and Wanda head off to the planning committee meeting as Agnes warns Wanda of Dotty, the head of the committee. She points out that getting in with Dotty could make Wanda’s life in this town much easier. At the meeting, Wanda sees how demanding Dotty can be. She also meets Geraldine, who points out that she doesn’t know what she’s doing there, to which Wanda agrees.

Meanwhile, Vision finds the neighborhood watch meeting. They explain to him that it’s a member's only event and attempt to exclude him. He hangs around however, asking a slew of questions about their policies. When offered a danish, he lets it slip that he doesn’t eat food but quickly covers his mistake. He does however accept a stick of gum after the group allows him to join them. As he awkwardly chews, one of his new friends pats his back, causing him to swallow the gum. Being a machine, that causes some major issues for his… inner workings.

As Wanda cleans up after the meeting for Dotty, she tries to get on the good side of the head of the committee. Dotty explains though that she has heard some things about Wanda and Vision but before she can explain anything a garbled voice comes over the radio. As it becomes more clear, the voice can be heard saying “who is doing this to you, Wanda?” The radio short circuits and a glass in Dotty’s hand shatters, cutting her hand which becomes covered in red blood. Dotty, seemingly unphased by the incident, makes a joke about getting blood stains out of white linen and heads away.

The episode is once again interrupted by an “ad,” this time for a watch. This is no ordinary watch though. This is a Strucker, complete with a Hydra logo. Interestingly, the “ad” also features a ticking sound, similar to the one from the previous episode.

As the episode starts up again, Wanda panics backstage at the talent show while she waits for Vision to show up. He finally staggers up to the stage, seemingly intoxicated. An animation reminds us of the gum in his system, jamming up his gears.

Wanda takes the stage and introduces Vision who stumbles his way out. He bumbles his way through a magic routine, using his powers to shock and amaze the audience. Trying to keep them from being discovered, Wanda uses her own powers to create practical explanations for his tricks as the audience bursts into laughter. During their big finale, they make Geraldine appear in the cabinet which was supposed to be used to make Wanda disappear. Geraldine is understandably confused and the audience is understandably delighted.

As they go backstage, Wanda discovers the gum in Vision’s system and corrects the problem. The now sober Vision tosses the gum away and the couple tries to sneak away. Dotty spots them though and demands they stop. While Wanda and Vision expect to be scolded, Dotty instead presents them with an award for the best comedy performance. Wanda brings Geraldine on stage to take a bow with them. The confused stagehand asks how they did their trick but of course they refuse to answer.

Back home, the couple celebrates their performance and their day of fitting in. As Wanda starts to head to the kitchen, Vision calls her back. As she turns around, it is revealed that she is pregnant. Wanda asks if this is really happening and they are quickly interrupted by a sound outside. They head out to find a man climb out of the sewer in a beekeeper’s outfit, surrounded by bees. The man dramatically turns to face them and Wanda simply utters “no.” The episode then begins to rewind, bringing us back to the point of Wanda asking if her pregnancy is really happening. This time, instead of hearing the sound, Vision assures her it’s really happening and the two kiss.

Wanda notices Vision’s face is now in color and their entire home begins to follow suit. They kiss again and the camera begins to pull out, giving us another classic sitcom ending. However, this time, the final shot is accompanied by the voice from the radio once again asking “who is doing this to you, Wanda?”

This second episode builds perfectly on the first. It manages to provide an even more hilarious sitcom than its predecessor, while taking the eerie, reality-bending story to the next level. It’s clear this series is going to continue to pile up questions before providing many answers and suspense is only going to build.

You can watch WandaVision on Disney+ now.

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