Our favorite Marvel heroes continue to fight against a threat unlike any they’ve ever seen in the ongoing crossover event, “King in Black.” What has, to this point, been a chaotic descent into darkness for the Marvel Universe, is now becoming an absolutely wild roller coaster ride.

Knull has defeated, and in some cases knullified, the heroes to a point at which it feels as if there is no hope left. Luckily though, the God of Thunder has other thoughts. Thor has arrived to join the fight, and not a moment too soon. But will the Odinson be enough to turn the tides, or will even he be overmatched?

WARNING – “King in Black” spoilers to follow

Eddie Brock is dead and the heroes have just discovered that his son Dylan has a special ability that allows him to repel symbiotes. That makes him their secret weapon in their fight against this dark deity that has, until now, completely overpowered and overwhelmed them.

Now, the heroes will have to deploy Dylan against Knull and his forces, all the while protecting him from any harm because if he was to be captured or killed, all hope would be lost. The remaining heroes quickly learn they are not match for Knull and things look as bleak as ever, until Thor arrives.

Now, it’s one god against another as Thor and Knull go toe-to-toe. It’s a fight that has been ages in the making, as Thor has defeated one of Knull’s symbiote dragons eons ago and dealt with his deadly weapon, the All-Black, in the past as well. This isn’t really a matter of whether or not Thor can win this fight, but how much time he can buy the other heroes before he falls.

“King in Black” continues to be an absolutely wild ride. This event has been packed with unbelievable moments right from the beginning – from the return of The Sentry to the revelation of Dylan Brock’s abilities. This issue follows the trend, giving us one heart-stopping panel after another en route to an exciting shock ending.

It’s not all just shock value and fan service though. “King in Black #3” has a lot of heart to it as well. While Marvel fans have been getting to know Dylan over a nearly 30-issue run of Venom comics, this issue let’s the reader really feel his pain and get behind him as he is finally able to join the fight.

Somehow, this issue still manages to up the ante in terms of action as well. While this whole series has been enveloped in a standoff between Earth’s mightiest heroes and the symbiote forces of the god of the void, this issue highlights one of the biggest fights yet. And it’s really taken up a notch by the involvement of Knull himself.

This issue is the perfect next step in what has been an incredible crossover event thus far. We have seen so much action and so many incredibly powerful moments in storytelling to this point, the only question is: how can the following issues live up to what we’ve already read?

You can check out “King in Black #3” here.