Zoey is back for her semi-regular pilgrimage to Cal U, but feels left behind in a cloud of dust. The heartbreak that the world of Cal U keeps chugging along, even with her absence, is starting to wear on her emotionally. She wishes she could return to a cryogenically frozen house and friend life, but unfortunately, time is a fickle mistress.

Sky and Jazz return from NCAA finals (they won!) with the news that Jazz has entered the realm of the one night stand. DUN DUN DUN. It was completely platonic and emotionless, but there is a small part of her worried about the events. While she does draw attention to the alcohol and celebratory nature of the evening, she still knows that her relationship rules with Doug will forever weigh on her decision.

There’s no time to panic, ‘cause it’s Junior vs. Senior Field Day! Something else Zoey can be excluded from, ‘cause she’s a dropout! (The anti-dropout sarcasm is an ample supply this episode, thanks to Sky.)

While the day is filled with fun outdoor activities, the face crack of the century occurs as Doug and Jazz’s hookup boy walk up, almost intandem. You could cut the awkwardness with a butter knife. Of course, Jazz quickly lies to Doug about who the mystery man really is and the aftermath of her competition trip. Cringe, party of one!

Unfortunately, the lies quickly come back to bite Jazz in the behind, as she returns home to find a gorgeous bouquet of flowers to congratulate her from…Doug. DUN DUN DUN. She breaks down, quickly throws on a jacket, and runs out the door. She must rectify the wrongs. As she rushes to Doug’s place to say her peace, Sky stays back. Once her sister makes a decision, she says, there’s no stopping her.

Jazz breaks down in front of Doug and reveals the entirety of the hook-up, and while Doug appreciates the honesty, he reveals he hasn’t seen anyone. He has been waiting for Jazz with bated breath and, heartbreakingly, closes the door on her. We leave her still in the throes of understandable emotional turmoil, not knowing where her relationship stands with Doug. A devastating end to the episode.

Meanwhile, Aaron is brought in by the Dean to discuss his recent protesting and publicity. There are two options presented for the continuation of the discussions. There is already work in place to disinvest with the privatized prisons (YAY!) that will go into effect within the next five to ten years. (BOO!) The Dean comes back, however, with a more enticing offer. They will completely wipe Aaron’s student debt in exchange for him signing a non-disclosure agreement to stop discussing the matter at hand.

Aaron is immediately thrown into a moral quarry and, when debating about it on his own, runs into Zoey to ask her advice. She knows (and we know, for that matter) that he would never be able to live down the lack of having a voice by signing the NDA. He ponders some more and eventually brings it up to Rochelle, who says the opposite. She is firmly in the camp of “take the money and run.” As Aaron lets it slip that he discussed the matter with Zoey first, she grabs her stuff and leaves in a tizzy. She can’t believe that he talked to Zoey first. His reaction to her leaving is…I’m gonna say “overly muted”. We all know she’s leaving him soon, can’t we hurry this charade up a bit?

Study Hall Notes:

  • This Week’s C-Plot Line Sentence Summary – Vivek hasn’t told girlfriend about being a drug dealer, then he does, then he doesn’t. Fun!
  • Sky’s Moment of the Week – When discussing that Jazz has had her first one night stand “Oh, not me, her. I’ve had plenty of them.” Queen stays queen.
  • Ana and Zoey both immediately ask SKy & Jazz how finals went…as if they don’t have a phone? Or the news? SMH.