Important Things to Remember for Opening Weekend of the Disneyland and Disney California Adventure

This is the week we’ve all been waiting for. After over a year of Disneyland and Disney California Adventure being closed, Southern California theme park fans are finally heading back to the Happiest Place On Earth and its sister park this Friday, April 30. But before that highly anticipated day arrives, Disneyland Resort wants to remind guests of several important details that will make their visits go smoothly and safely this weekend.

1 – Not only do guests require a pre-purchased ticket to enter either of the parks, but they also need to have made a reservation for one of the parks specifically (even the current park-hopper tickets have a “starting” park assigned to them, which ticket holders would have chosen upon purchasing), and must have received a confirmation for said reservation. Both of these QR codes will be scanned upon entry, either in printed form or on the guests’ mobile devices.

2 – Guest parking for the theme parks will be at Disneyland Resort’s Mickey & Friends and Pixar Pals parking structures, which will both open at 6:00 AM throughout opening weekend. The resort is reminding guests not to arrive before that time due to physical distancing guidelines and the state guidelines against eating and drinking while in queues.

3 – Theme park hours will be 9:00 AM until 7:00 PM for both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure.

4 – Downtown Disney District will not be open for breakfast, but it will open at 10:00 AM, one hour after the theme parks, and close at 10:00 PM, allowing a few extra hours for exiting park guests to enjoy the resort’s outdoor shopping and dining area.

5 – Parking for Downtown Disney for those not attending the parks will be available at the Simba lot, but the rates are returning to the previously utilized hourly system beginning Friday.

6 – It may have been a while since you have used it, so make sure you have the latest version of the Disneyland app, installed on your mobile device so you can take advantage of all of its features such as mobile ordering and joining the virtual queue for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance.

With those tips in mind, we hope you enjoy your long-awaited return to the Disneyland Resort.