“Barely Necessities” Presents Sensational Seven Merchandise Selections for May 4th

Welcome back for another edition of the “Sensational Seven” segment from Barely Necessities: The Disney Merchandise Show. This week, Rebekah’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs inspirations are all focused on Star Wars as today is May the 4th!

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Sensational Seven

Every week on Barely Necessities, Rebekah selects seven items loosely inspired by the unique personalities of the dwarfs. Some items will have obvious connections, others will require a bit of creativity and imagination but, all of them will be fun. Today, in celebration of Star Wars Day we’re focusing on the real heroes of the saga: Princess Leia and R2-D2.


We’re calling it a night and settling in under the covers with this Princess Leia pajama set that showcases the Rebel leader striking some menacing poses.

STAR WARS Womens' Princess Leia Pajamas at Amazon Women’s Clothing store


Nothing will make you happier than watching “lava” move in a super cool 3D motion lamp that looks remarkably like R2-D2.

Star Wars R2-D2 "Artoo" 3D Top Motion Lamp, Mood Light


Leia’s the take charge type of person, especially when situations get a little hairy, so don’t give her any reasons to get upset! This black shirt with neon-esque coloring gives off a retro vibe and while sharing a bold message: Don’t mess with the Princess!

Star Wars Leia Don't Mess With The Princess Graphic T-Shirt


This mobile might not do much, but it's sure cute to look at, and hopefully, it will keep your tiny one entertained before and after naptime.

Lambs & Ivy Star Wars Signature Millennium Falcon Musical Baby Crib Mobile Toy


Oh, that Sneezy, with his nose twitching all too often, he’s resorted to packing his own lunch and found this handy thermos kit that looks (and sounds) a lot like our favorite droid.

Thermos Novelty Lunch Kit, Star Wars R2D2 with Lights and Sound


When it comes to Bashful, we imagine he likes to pen his thoughts and feelings instead of saying them out loud. Whether you’re the stoic type who prefers the written word over speech or just like to have a stylish writing device in your pocket, this Leia pen by Cross is one to write home about!

Cross X Star Wars Princess Leia Themed Design on Pearlescent Ivory w/Rose Gold PVD Appointments Rollerball Pen


Leia is one of the most recognizable leaders of the Rebellion, which is no surprise as she’s the take charge type. This Amazon Exclusive Pop! features the future General in command helping to take down the Empire at Echo Base.

Funko Pop! Deluxe: Star Wars Battle at Echo Base Series – Princess Leia Vinyl Figure, Amazon Exclusive

That’s it for this week’s Sensational Seven! For more from Barely Necessities, follow us @DisneyMerchShow on Twitter and Instagram and head on over to our merchandise round up which features all of the topics we covered on the show. Thanks for joining us, and see ya real soon!