Disney Launchpad Review: “The Little Prince(ss)” Tells the Story of a Boy Who Dares to Be Different

How do your interests develop? Some argue that we’re molded by our parents to have certain tastes, but most parents can attest to having a child who has no interest in at least something they were passionate about at their age. In The Little Prince(ss), a Disney Launchpad short film directed by Moxie Peng, audiences will see a story about a child who doesn’t conform to what society tells him he should be interested in. For any viewers from the LGBTQ+ community, you’re likely to connect deeply with this story.



Gabriel is a 1st grade student who takes ballet lessons and loves the color pink. When he meets Rob, a new student who recently moved from China, the two quickly become friends. But when Rob’s dad finds out the extent of Gabriel’s traditionally feminine interests, he tries to intervene with his parents.

The message of The Little Prince(ss) is that you like what you like and nothing will change that. Gabriel’s parents have a different approach to Rob’s dad, allowing their son to be exactly who he wants to be without any shame. That’s not to say that Rob is constricted, he shows no signs of being not allowed to be himself, but he and his dad have very different reactions to Gabriel. Rob is encouraging, wanting to help his new friend rather than change who he is.

With a title inspired by The Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Little Prince(ss) is a charming short film about not being afraid to be who you are. With stories like this available on a wide-reaching platform like Disney+, the future looks brighter for the next generation of kids who want to do what they love, whether that’s take ballet lessons or play basketball.

The Little Prince(ss) is now streaming on Disney+, part of Disney Launchpad.

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